10 Ways to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets to Make Them Look New:


Cabinets serve as the kitchen’s stagehands if the kitchen is seen as a type of culinary theatre. Everything you need to put on a show is stored in these containers. It’s understandable, therefore, that after years of uncompromising performances, well-worn kitchen cabinets may appear ready for their final bow after years of challenging performances.

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Refinishing is always a viable option for cracked, cracked, or obsolete cabinets, so don’t give up on them just yet. Trying to redo your kitchen cabinets is one of the most challenging parts of any kitchen makeover.

Not just paint, but it is also about sacrificing the hardware you love. This list contains everything you need to get motivated about handling your kitchen storage if you’re having remodeling issues.

Open shelves and bright colors are two of the most popular kitchen design ideas for 2020, but there are also allusions to more traditional kitchen designs. Any cabinetry that you’re looking for can be found in this list. No matter what type of design or aesthetic you’re going for, this list has it all.

Simple repairs, such as picking out some lovely cabinet pulls, as well as more extensive ones, such as tearing out your cabinets, may all be found here. To get some much-needed design inspiration, instead of stressing over how to accomplish your desired appearance, have a look at these lovely methods to update your kitchen cabinets.

Importance of Cabinets in Kitchens:

In many homes, the kitchen is seen as the most significant room. A spot where you may generate energy for your family can be found at this location. You and your loved ones are likely to spend a lot of time there. Because the kitchen is so important, you need to make sure you have the most excellent cabinets for it.

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It’s common for kitchens to store a wide variety of products. They need to be stocked with baking and culinary supplies, as well as utensils, cookbooks, and more.

It’s much easier to keep your kitchen organized if you have plenty of cabinet storage. As a result, you’ll have an easier time locating what you’re looking for. In addition, a well-organized kitchen will look nicer than a messy one in the long run.

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10 Ways to Redline the Cabinets:

1. Paint them all:

Because of the black cabinetry, your kitchen feels like a gloomy, dingy cave. There are many ways to brighten up a room without having to replace all of the dirty boxes. As long as they are physically intact, cleaning and repainting the frames and doors may transform a dull kitchen into something cheery in only one weekend.

Everything is affected by color. Cabinets may go from plain to shabby chic, rustic, provincial, or futuristic with the addition of a splash of color.

Using a “crackling glaze” from a paint store, you may get a worn look. Apply the glaze over a dry base coat (thick for large cracks and thin for fine cracks). Brush on a flat top layer of the base color, perpendicular to the glaze, once dried. As the paint dries, it will begin to crack. This process takes approximately an hour.

Rustic finishes may be achieved by layering colors and splattering dark paint on top of each other (to mimic fly specks). For a more rustic look, you may “distress” the paint finish by striking it with a chain and then lightly sanding in high-use areas.

2. Reface the Cabinets:

Cabinet refacing is at least half the price of new cabinet installation. Typically, cabinetry needs a light sanding and refinishing to appear its best. So if you’re happy with the present arrangement of your cabinets, refacing may be a better option than a complete cabinet renovation.

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It is more environmentally suitable to merely reface your kitchen cabinets rather than replace them, as you generate less trash. Custom kitchen renovation firms that provide refacing choices sometimes reuse pieces from other cabinets that are still functional. This alternative is the more environmentally friendly one.

Choosing to reface your kitchen cabinets instead of replacing all of your cabinets is a more practical option because it is less time-consuming. To replace the cabinets in your home, you’ll need a few days of your time.

Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing is easy for a lot of people, especially those who live in Toronto. It is because many online companies help in Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing in Toronto.

3. Pull Out Cabinets:

Because pull-out shelves are so beneficial, we should give them a lot of weight in our decision-making process in the kitchen.

There are several benefits to installing kitchen cabinet dividers, like making it simpler to keep your kitchen organized and finding a home for everything. This style of shelving may be mounted in a variety of positions and distances from each other, making it ideal for a wide range of products.

The second significant benefit of pull-out drawers and shelves is the accessibility they enable. You don’t have to bend, squat, or get up on your toes to get to items in the back of your cabinets.

Pulling off the shelf reveals everything in a matter of seconds. Newer pull-out shelves can also be equipped with built-in power outlets that can charge various devices.

Installing these shelves is simple; you don’t need a cabinet installation to save money. They’re also built to endure for as long as you need them to be. Adding pull-out shelves to your kitchen can increase the value of your property since people are prepared to pay for conveniences.

4. Under Cabinets Lighting:

A sort of light fixture that is put immediately beneath your cabinets is known as under cabinet lighting. When employing perimeter counters, you won’t have to worry about obstructing the lights if you have this illumination installed.

As well as improving the efficiency of your kitchen, under-cabinet lighting may give depth to your kitchen. There are a plethora of alternatives available for kitchen under-cabinet lighting, which is a great thing.

LED light fixtures for under cabinet lighting may save you a lot of money over incandescent bulbs. When saving money, you don’t have to illuminate the entire room to decorate the counters below.

Under-cabinet lights have the additional benefit of being simple to set up and install. This form of lighting may easily be installed even if you aren’t currently remodeling your kitchen.

Instead of having to hire a professional electrician to install your pendant or recessed lighting, you can screw or nail a strip of light beneath your cabinets and plug it in.

The shadows will be minimal since you are not blocking the light from hitting the counter. Having proper illumination may be beneficial when it comes to cooking and prepping meals.

The layered nature of the lights in the under cabinet lighting adds a distinctive look to your kitchen. An eye-catching, cutting-edge kitchen design may raise the value of your property. There are many under-cabinet lighting options to select from, and you can install them yourself if you want. Battery-powered fixtures are often the most cost-effective alternative.

Under-cabinet lighting may add value to a room’s aesthetics. As a result, if properly fitted, this form of lighting can brighten up a space. Real estate professionals recommend this as one of the simplest DIY tasks you can do to boost the value of your property.

5. Crown Molding:

To begin with, crown molding was added for functional purposes before eventually becoming sought after as a beautiful element in rooms. Dixon explains that the original use of trims and moldings was to fill in the gaps between different construction elements.

So someone thought, “Why don’t we just use a piece of wood to fill the gap between the ceiling and the wall?” It has been said that “we have this great history of moldings” because crown moldings have evolved over time.

Cleans the gap between the ceiling and the wall, but the crown has evolved into much more. To make the top appear taller, “crown molding” helps raise the area, “pulling your attention up to the sky.” For an ancient house, it’s a charming element that can bring out the fading grandeur while also masking all sorts of sins—even if they’re cobwebs or peeling paint.

6. Remove the Cabinet Doors:

As bizarre as it sounds, not all kitchen cabinets are equipped with doors. In recent years, open shelves or cabinets without doors have become increasingly fashionable in kitchens. There is no doubt that available wall cabinets are here to stay because of their distinctive style.

Kitchen cabinets without doors might be ideal if you want to show off your most beautiful utensils. It’s possible to obtain a contemporary look while showcasing your kitchen’s best features with this design.

Additionally, doorless kitchen cabinets are an excellent space-saving option. To keep your space clean, display it in an open area. When kitchenware isn’t hidden behind a cabinet door, it’s much easier to put it away and find what you’re looking for.

As a bonus, this style can save you money during the remodeling process. In terms of labor and materials, installing cabinets with no doors saves you money. Your time and money may be better spent elsewhere in your house.

7. Glass Door Cabinets:

Glass-fronted kitchen cabinets might be a bit of a challenge. If you don’t like them, don’t bother with them. Dismissing a choice because you associate it with a style you dislike is simple, but you should avoid generalizing.

Doors made of glass for kitchen cabinetry are more adaptive and varied than you may expect, and they also offer certain practical advantages. As a compromise between solid cabinets and open shelves, they offer the best of both worlds. As you can see, there are many different options when it comes to glass for your cabinets.

It is the most common and adaptable material. It works well in a variety of kitchen designs, but not all of them. The primary and safe option for kitchen cabinet doors is simple, transparent glass since it will always look good no matter what the newest trends are.

Nevertheless, there are a few factors to keep in mind in this particular scenario. Although clear glass is the most common, fingerprints and smudges may still be seen on it. Therefore you must always maintain the cabinet doors clean and gleaming.

Also, since the glass is transparent, it doesn’t hide anything, so everything within the cabinets will be on show for everyone to see.

8. Toe Kick Drawers:

Toe-kick drawers are named by the fact that they open with a shove of the toe. Storage can be found in the area between the floor and bottom cabinets. Items that you don’t use frequently, such as additional cosmetic products or pet dishes, might be stored in your pantry for future use.

They are typically 4 inches high and positioned 3 inches back from the cabinet’s front. For example, they can be 24 inches broad and up to the depth of your cabinetry. A lot of storage space is available.

There are some dishes that you only use a few times a year. Keep them out of the way by placing them in a toe-kick storage unit. There is no need to look for one when you are ready to utilize it. Cupcake tins, cookie sheets, and other flat kitchen utensils can all benefit from this.

A toe-kick drawer might be fitted to free up counter and drawer space for more frequently used kitchen goods.

9. Peg Organizer:

The birch pegs that come with peg drawers are specifically intended to help you arrange your dishes. It’s one of the most visible and most ingenious ways to keep your kitchen cutlery in order.

With the peg drawer (usually 12 on 30″ baseboards), you can make distinctions and store plates and other goods according to their location.

Organizing your kitchen has never been easier thanks to this system. It’s ideal for large families that dine together frequently to have peg drawers in the kitchen. In the peg drawer, the plates may be neatly stacked and reused.

With this repositionable pegboard system, you can store everything from dinner plates to plastic storage bins with dividers in seconds. To suit 24″ and 27″ broad cabinets, you can cut them to fit.

To accommodate the most extensive cabinet drawers with under-mount slides, the breadth is usually increased. UV-cured maple is typically used to construct the excellent peg system, which features nine press-in pegs.

10. Chicken Wires instead of Door? Why not

It’s not Wayne Shielly’s style to tear down a wonderful kitchen in favor of following the newest design fad. Though he is a fan of customizing, he has done a lot of that with his basic kitchen from the builder.

Chicken wire replaced the wood panels in his top cabinet doors, one of his favorite projects. As a bonus, it allowed him to see all of his culinary utensils from the comfort of his chair.

Final Thoughts:

So these are the best kitchen redefining ideas we thought o. If you have any recommendations, do let us know in the comments below.

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