Why You Need AM Oil Control Moisturizer When You Have Acne


Comedones (a.k.a. zits) are caused by blocked pores, right? Well, that’s something that you certainly have to consider when you’re buying cosmetics and moisturizers as an acne sufferer. If you do have to put up with regular zits, however, the last thing you often feel like doing is lathering moisturizer over the top. That’s a logical way to think, as you don’t want to cause further blockages, although the way AM oil control moisturizer works changes all that. 

As the name of the product alludes to, this kind of moisturizer will not cause you the same issues as regular types, as it’s designed to soak up oil rather than add to the general gloopiness. Everyone’s skin needs hydration, and this is a great way to get it if you have acne.

AM Oil Control Moisturizer Is an Everyday Essential 

If you’re someone who suffers from acne and you’re using a benzoyl peroxide product to control it, you’re going to need to put back the moisturizer your BP product takes out. Not using any kind of moisturizer really isn’t a good idea, as it’s altogether very common when using an acne product to get redness and dryness.

However, you may also have oily skin, which could be the root of your acne troubles, and an AM oil control moisturizer fits the bill perfectly. 

Whatever You Use – It Needs to Be Non-Comedogenic

Of course, there are a number of products on the market that will take care of this job adequately, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be an oil-control formula. There is one factor that you shouldn’t compromise on, and that’s whether it’s labelled as non-comedogenic or not. 

This is an absolute must for anyone with either acne or excess oil, as it means the product won’t actively clog pores like regular products can and often do. You can’t forego moisture for your skin, which means you really do have to use some kind of moisturizer. 

Whichever product you end up buying, it should be oil-free too, but when you look on the websites of major brands like PanOxyl, you’ll see that there are some great options. In truth, it’s hard to argue against using their AM oil product, as it’s really effective. Take a look at a few of their reviews, and you’ll see that’s the case. 

Don’t Settle For Less With Your AM Oil Moisturizer

When you’re trying to find the best products to control your acne, keep this fact in mind – your skin needs hydration, no matter what state it’s in. If it’s oily, it’s dehydrated, too, as that’s why excess oil is there in the first place. As such, you HAVE to give it what it needs, or you’re just going to make things worse in the long run.

People swear by products like these for a reason, and that’s because they do something that others can’t. That means providing the necessary hydration for good skin health without causing any undue blockages in your hair follicles. The product is cleverly formulated to kill two birds with one stone, and that’s worth knowing about. 

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