Upgrading Your Dental Studio – What You Should Consider


When you have your own dental studio, you will be aware of how important it is to keep customer numbers at steady levels. If there is a dip in customers, or if you find they are going in droves to the competition, then you have to find out why. One of the first areas you should start to look at is upgrading your dental studio. A tired and old-looking dental studio (even if immaculately clean) will put off new customers (and existing ones) too. Upgrading your dental studio can give your practice a whole new look and feel.

Putting Your Customers First

Once you have committed to upgrading and making changes, you must then think about your customers first and foremost. Everything you do and create has to be at the heart of your dental studio. Carefully consider what your customers or clients want and expect from an upgraded studio. For instance, are they expecting a more neutral scheme? Are they expecting a dental studio to look more like a hospital or clinical setting? Start gathering feedback from your existing customer base before you commit to any changes. This way, you can create an appealing dental studio.

Investing in New Equipment

Once you have gathered the thoughts and opinions of your customer base, you then have to start looking at investing in new equipment. If you are committed to upgrading your studio, then you must be committed to purchasing new equipment. To ensure you purchase the highest quality equipment, you need to reach out to the Dental Directory Group, as they stock everything your studio needs moving forwards, from ultrasonic cleaners to burs and scalers. If you are committed to an upgrade, you must be committed to a whole studio or practice makeover.

Placing Emphasis on Training

As well as upgrading the physical elements and aspects of your dental studio, you also need to be sure that you place emphasis on training. Everyone that works within your dental studio must be trained to a high standard, as this will reflect on the brand and reputation you now wish to build. If you are not putting a high emphasis on training, then you will find that standards will slip. This will be difficult to manage, especially when you are in the middle of an upgrade. Investing in training (even when you are upgrading your dental studio) will be beneficial to the reputation of your new studio.

New Decor, Paintwork, and Furnishings

A coat of paint and new furnishings and lighting can lift even the darkest of dental studios. When you are putting together a new scheme for the decor, paintwork, and furnishings, it is important to reflect on the feedback you got from customers and do your own market research. What are competitors using? What are other health practices, not necessarily dentists, doing? Are they using bold colors in their artwork and furnishings? Have they got modern couches or individual chairs in the waiting room? What about a playroom? Even if you only treat adults, is it worth designing a place for their children to enjoy, and will this match your overall theme?

However, always bring it back to your brand. What makes you unique, and how can you represent this in your studio? Form a plan, as you will find that an upgrade is so much easier, less stressful, and certainly less consuming this way.

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