Which players can contribute the most in a CSK vs RR match?


The 2022 IPL season will be one of the most interesting in recent years, mainly due to the new rules of the auction. The line-ups have undergone significant changes, which gives the Rajsthan Royals the chance to show all their strength against the favorites Chennai Super Kings.

Promising players of CSK

The changes that affected the composition of the CSK became noticeable, but not so critical. First of all, thanks to the fact that the team managed to retain strong players from last season who will be able to show a game worthy of the title. The CSK vs RR match will be an excellent opportunity to strengthen the result, however, last season’s outsiders do not plan to give up the victory so easily.

The captaincy has remained unchanged and global cricket star MS Dhoni will feature for CSK and at IPL 2022. His accomplishments cannot be underestimated as this player continues to display exponential play on the pitch as well as tear through opponents as he leads his team to victory.

Also, the franchise managed to assemble a stellar line-up of all-rounders. Ravindra Jadeja is one of the leading and experienced players in Indian cricket, who has long experience in Chennai Super Kings and on the world stage. Among the new stars of the team was the eminent world cricketer Moeen Ali with experience in performances and captaincy in the sports arenas of England. Also, the team managed to sign Dwayne Bravo into their roster, in whose ability the team has placed its faith for nine years.

Not the largest, but quite noticeable changes have undergone a composition of batsmen among the stars. As a result, there was no place in the team for Mr. IPL – Suresh Raina, the legendary batsman and vice-captain of last season. The team retained Ruturaj Gaikwad as one of the key players at IPL 2022, and also successfully re-signed Subhranshu Senapati, Ambati Rayudu, Chezhian Harinishanth as a result of the auction, which gives very good hopes for a confident game from this roster.

Promising players of RR

As for the Rajasthan Royals, the franchise has changed its roster much more visibly, signing a large number of new players. First of all, this is due to the extremely mediocre result of last year, so in this year’s EPL schedule, the team plans to go through the playoffs and reach the league final.

The team approached the retention of existing players with the utmost care, leaving those cricketers who demonstrated the highest level of play compared to the general squad. Thus, Sanju Samson, a skilled wicket-keeper, and progressive leader managed to retain the position of captain, whom the team will follow in the 2022 IPL season. Another player who remained with the team was Jos Buttler, a batsman who managed to show an exhibition game, including against CSK in 2020. This year he took the position of wicket-keeper. And last but not least was Yashasvi Jaiswal in position, who at the age of 20 has already become prominent in the Indian league, which made him part of the squad for another year.

As a result, we have a battle of the “refreshed” composition of the RR against the synergistic forces of the CSK, which will result in one of the confrontations, which can become a key one for both teams.

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