Safety in schools is of the highest priority to staff, pupils and parents – but what happens when the current systems do not provide the level of security you expect?

The team at WLS have been called upon by many schools to help support their safeguarding goals. There are many lines of defence that can be upgraded or improved to allow for the highest security standards.

Micheal Tippett is a secondary school that caters for children and young adults with severe and complex learning difficulties. While the building had been adapted internally to meet the needs of its pupils, it was vital that the safeguarding procedures reflected this in the same way.

For students at any school, the ability to learn and develop is dependent on a safe and comfortable environment.

WLS is a leading fire and security provider that invests in creating a safe space for everyone. No matter the requirements or limitations of a building – they have the expertise in design and top-quality installation to boost security.

First Line Of Defence

To begin with, the WLS engineers replaced the existing static gates that secured the entrance to the building. Dated and manually operated – they just didn’t supply the best security for such a bespoke school. By installing custom-built FAAC automated gates, WLS were able to demonstrate the benefits of bespoke measures and the ability to better control the comings and goings each day.

Manufactured in-house in their dedicated workshop, WLS are able to create completely bespoke products that meet every requirement of each school or business. This includes precise measurements, colour, finish and material! Not only do they offer heightened security, but they can create a grand entrance too!

A pedestrian gate was secured with maglocks and a hydraulic closer. This added an extra layer of security for staff and pupils as they could be sure every entrance remained locked throughout the day and that it was not easy for pupils to open without adult support.

Similarly, this approach removes the risk of padlocks getting cut or keys being lost by the staff!

For the vital vehicular access, two automated entrance and exit gates were installed. This allows staff and visitors to park safely outside with no risk of cars being damaged or accidentally leaving manual gates ajar.

Creating a safe space is a passion for WLS and so every precaution was taken to ensure the safety of the gate installation. No stone was left unturned.

This included safety edges and safety beams that make the gates more suitable for a school environment. Especially in sensitive premises with vulnerable people – it is crucial these sorts of measures are put in place to prevent accidents.

Similarly, flashing beacons and sounders offer guaranteed notification to the people concerned. It has become much easier for staff to recognise a breach or malfunction and these risks can be acted upon immediately.

As well as this, shorter days and dark nights mean that some aspects of security such as securing gated exits can be overlooked. Manual gates pose a risk of being left open or unlocked accidentally. The flashing beacons and extra awareness that comes with WLS services means they are far more likely to remain secure at all times – even without manual intervention.

With WLS’ technology and bespoke measures, the overall safety of the school has improved massively.

All of these external gates were installed in combination with top of the range door entry systems – another speciality of WLS. These systems are linked to a handset in the school reception – providing another layer of security whereby visitors can be screened before entering the premises.

WLS Implementation

Especially throughout the pandemic – schools like Michael Tippett relied heavily on virtual communication and reducing the number of people coming and going. This handset allows reception staff to determine whether or not a visitor is scheduled for arrival or if a query can be managed another way that will be safer for the pupils.

The team have also installed pedestrian gates at John Burn Primary School that allow secure access throughout the day and separate the pupils and visitors from vehicular traffic.

As well as this, James Allen Girls School needed to improve their ease of access. WLS provides full installation and set up of electronic access control. They offer mobile, card, fob and biometric-based access control systems. Each of these is tailor-made to suit the school security needs.

Their bespoke in-house workshop has a supply of all different material types that suit any building perfectly. Notre Dame School made use of the strong and sturdy steel gates WLS supply.

Whether pedestrian or vehicular, the work WLS have done for schools demonstrates the need for heightened security and extra defence.

Thanks to the cutting edge technology and expertise of WLS, more schools across London and beyond have greatly improved their standards of security and can rest easy knowing all the staff and pupils are safe inside this purpose-built building.


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