Only in the last decade, many US states have legalized the recreational usage of cannabis. In most states in the US, the possession of cannabis was illegal. However, there are states that still only allow the use of medical marijuana. Therefore, you would need a medical marijuana card in Ohio, Utah, Missouri, ect., to purchase it in those states legally.

Many people have gone to prison for having a small amount of marijuana with them. But with changing times, the laws have also changed over the years. Scientists and doctors now recognize the therapeutic benefits of the herb and have incorporated cannabis into numerous drugs.

From A Medical Standpoint: The cannabis plant is here to stay since it has been proven to ease physical discomforts. Several studies show THC, found in marijuana, helps calm the nerves, resulting in a soothing sensation. Therefore, it can be fairly said that modern medicines will only use the herbs more and more to help millions of patients suffering from chronic pain. Statistics suggest that people with arthritis, joint pains, and muscle spasm find a great deal of relief from the consumption of marijuana. Patients undergoing chemotherapy are also prescribed medical marijuana by certified doctors.

  • Patients suffering from depression and anxiety take medication that has cannabis in it. These therapeutic medications help soothe nerves, providing long-term relief to patients. Using such medicines can eliminate the symptoms of hypertension in the long run.
  • Many use canna oil for healthy skin and hair. With its healing properties, the oil removes the root cause of acne by comforting the skin nerves. The oil also promotes hair growth. Therefore, people prefer therapeutic products to chemical cosmetics that are harmful to the human body.

From An Economic Perspective: In 2019, the approximate estimate of legal cannabis was 13.9 billion dollars in the US; the number is only growing. By 2026 the predicted worth is expected to grow to 85 billion dollars. Therefore, one can rightfully understand that cannabis already has a massive market in America, and the businesses dealing with cannabis are experiencing a boom. So naturally, these businessmen will only want the industry to grow to reach more and more weed-enthusiasts by reforming existing policies and implementing new ones.

  • Digital Marketing of Cannabis is a massive part of the marijuana business. There are, however, some FDA restrictions regarding the marketing of the products. The goal of cannabis marketing is double-fold; first, the consumers should be educated about the benefits of marijuana, and second, they must find the product available without much hassle. Therefore, most firms rely heavily on Marijuana Marketing Experts, also known as MMX, for their business promotion.
  • Cannabis, as a medically approved drug, is already legal in 35 US States. In contrast, 16 of the US States allow the recreational usage of marijuana. Half of America is in support of legalizing cannabis for its full use. There are many certified marijuana shops near you that you can visit to know more about the various marijuana strains.

Marijuana is regarded as one of the controlled substances by FDA. However, the movement to legalize cannabis all over America is only going strong. Countless celebrities and pop stars came supporting the weed movement, expressing their love for marijuana.


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