Picking the right flooring option is complicated for seniors because apart from the quality and looks of flooring, you have to consider some other items. Know these factors:

Ease of travel: An aged person should feel easy to move over for a person using a walker, wheelchair, or something like that.

Maintenance: Consider how much maintenance is required to the flooring material you have chosen. Selecting flooring which requires less maintenance is a great idea.  

Slip-resistant: It will be difficult for seniors and elders to walk onto the slippery surface.

Cushion: There should be shock absorption present in flooring because it is great during times of a sudden accident like an event of a fall.

Comfort: The comfort like how it feels underfoot also plays a crucial role.

Health concerns: If a person is suffering from certain health concerns such as respiratory conditions because of the dust or some allergens then one needs to pick a floor that is best to prevent any kind of allergies and which don’t retain dust and dirt into it and are completely safe for the residents of the home.

Aesthetic appeal: Besides all the above factors which are important to consider, you also have to consider the looks and aesthetics of the flooring you choose. Of course, you have to choose flooring which will complement the overall décor of a home.

These are only the things that are specifically looked at when you have to find flooring for seniors.

According to a survey, every second a senior suffers a fall which leads to many serious injuries even to an extent of mobility. And falling once doubles the chances of falling again because of certain health issues which are common to suffer with once a senior falls like arthritis, immobility, or other many issues. These issues increase the chances of falls. So, having a floor which has protection from falls is crucial.

Best flooring options for seniors!!!

Rubber flooring 

Rubber is a great choice for senior people. These types of flooring had a high coefficient of friction which reduces the chances of a slip. Like rugs and carpets can cause tripping hazardous, rubber flooring does not cause any such problems. Also, rubber can absorb shock which reduces the chances of getting severe injuries when a person falls on the floor.

Apart from all these benefits, rubber flooring is available at Dallas flooring companies in different sizes and shapes and one can choose from a wide range of color patterns and designs that matches the interior of their home. Also, the maintenance does not take much time and one can clean it with ease.

Cork flooring 

Cork flooring is also a great choice for seniors because these are softer than the hard surfaces and these are also great and good for insulation. This also makes one feel comfortable when one walks on it. These feel nice when touched underfoot. Though it provides the comfort of soft flooring in actuality, it is a hard surface that provides enough cushioning also. The only disadvantage of this flooring is that it is available in limited colors and styles so you will have lesser options to choose from.


Carpeting is also a great way to provide a good look to your home while giving it complete protection against any kind of injuries from falls. It can also improve both the comfort and safety of flooring and could make your floor great and appealing for visitors. Many flooring options retain heat and cold in these but carpet is neutral and does not retain temperatures into it. So, considering your needs, you can consider it as a great option for your home. When one walks on it there is no sound because the flooring is also great at absorbing sound.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is waterproof and easy to maintain. These are smooth which makes it comfortable for the seniors to move around. But this is not soft as the above-written flooring options. Though you can simply add the cushioning into the vinyl flooring by investing a little money into it. The modern forms of these flooring options are quite attractive and they look very classy therefore many people opt for this option. Also, they are very

easy to clean and maintain.

Though in the end, rubber flooring can be considered as the best option for aging adults.

Additional tips: 

Avoid rug areas: Though rug areas provide décor and warmth to the home these have tripping hazardous therefore you should avoid rug areas. Also make sure these are not places at the doors.

Keep floor dry: Wet flooring becomes slippery and more prone to falls therefore it is recommended you keep the floor dry. So, all the spills and splashes should be wiped up immediately else these can be dangerous and can cause injuries.

Good lighting is also important: Usually, seniors don’t have proper eyesight therefore this can cause accidents. If there is proper lighting present in areas like stails, bathrooms and hallways then it will be very useful for the seniors present at the home and they can easily move into the home without any fear.

Bottom line:

If seniors are present at your home then it is your responsibility to have a home that is safe for them to live there. The above-written flooring options are great to pick. Though in the end, it is completely your decision and you have to make it based on your preferences and factors to consider.


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