What are the Common Injuries Sustained in Dog Attacks?


The number of dog attacks in the United States has been steadily increasing as more dogs are becoming domesticated. This is a problem because with so many people owning dogs, there are an alarming number of dog bites and serious injuries sustained. Even worse, some dogs have been known to attack children, especially toddlers and pregnant women.

If you have been attacked by your neighbor’s dog or any other anonymous pet dog, it is essential to Get help from a personal injury attorney for any injuries that you have sustained. These attorneys will help you get the compensation you deserve from the responsible party who caused your injuries. 

Let us now see into the common injuries sustained in dog attacks.

  • Puncture wounds

In most dog attacks, the animal bites your skin and scratches you. But when the dog presses on your body, it can damage your skin and puncture a hole in your skin. You may sustain wounds that are open and bleeding. Puncture wounds may also cause heavy bleeding.

  • Lacerations

Lacerations are a very common dog bite injury. These are considered superficial, as they only cut through the upper layer of your skin’s epidermis. However, they can also be very harmful to the body if you don’t take steps to tend to your laceration immediately and professionally.

  • Broken bones

When your dog bites you, it will break the skin and cause some damage to the muscles and bones in your body, like the collar bone and forearm. You may sustain fractures in these areas as well, which can be more dangerous than a puncture wound.

  • Disfiguring wounds

A bite from an animal, especially one that is large or has sharp teeth, can cause serious injury to your face. This injury can disfigure you for life. Your personal injury attorney can help you seek justice if this happens to you.

  • Eye injuries

In most cases, dog attacks will cause you to sustain wounds and injuries to your face. These can include a loss of an eye or damage to your eyes. Eye injuries are extremely severe and can give you a lot of trouble later in life. If you have sustained such an injury, it is essential to seek help immediately.

  • Head and neck injuries

A bite to your head or neck can cause severe wounds that may land you in the hospital for a long time. It is essential to get immediate treatment for these wounds and injuries to save your life. Your personal injury attorney can help you get compensation for any pain and suffering you endured.

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