What Are Himalayan Salt Lamps and Why Do People Use Them?


Large pieces of pink Himalayan salt are encased in lamps constructed of them, and each one contains a bulb to give light. When lighted, they have a unique appearance and give off a comforting pink glow.

Himalayan salt lamps are popular when many buyers merely like the way they appear and like the ambience and the pink light they provide in their homes. Others, however, are drawn to their purported health advantages.

How Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

As natural ionisers or devices that alter the electric charges of the air, salt lamps are supposed to have beneficial health outcomes. Ions are substances that contain an uneven quantity of protons or electrons, which gives them a charge.

When changes to the air take place, they are mainly generated in the air. For instance, air ions are produced by storms, natural radioactivity, and heat. Commercially available air ionisers can also intentionally manufacture them.

According to some theories, Himalayan salt lamps may create ions by drawing in water vapour, which evaporates off as a salt solution when warmed by the lamp and produces predominantly negative ions. This hypothesis hasn’t been tested, though. It’s still unknown if salt lamps create any ions.

What are the medical claims, and how well do they hold up?

The three primary medical benefits of Himalayan salt lamps are as follows.

Enhances the air quality

It’s frequently asserted that salt lamps may make your home’s air quality better. They are marketed more explicitly as being advantageous for those with sensitivities, asthma, or illnesses that impair breathing.

However, there isn’t any proof yet that utilising a Himalayan salt lamp can enhance indoor air quality and get rid of possible infections. The medieval treatment of halotherapy has a bearing on the assertion that they are beneficial for those with breathing difficulties.

Due to the salt in the air, it is believed that people who suffer from lung ailments might gain from enjoying salt caverns.

However, there isn’t much evidence in favour of this treatment, and it’s unclear if it’s secure or useful for those with respiratory issues. Additionally, studies on air ionisers, which produce a lot of negative ions, have not demonstrated that they help asthmatics or enhance breathing.

Boost one’s mood

Another common assertion is that Himalayan salt lamps may improve your mood. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter essential in mood regulation, has been demonstrated to be improved by exposure to high quantities of negative ions in the air in several animal experiments.

Nonetheless, investigations on humans looking into claims about the psychological impacts of air ionisation did not discover any recurring effects on mood or emotions of well-being.

Researchers did discover, nevertheless, that those who were introduced to extremely high concentrations of negative ions and had depressed symptoms said their moods had improved.

Furthermore, the correlation they discovered wasn’t dose-related, indicating that changes in people’s moods weren’t caused by their dose. Experts thus disputed the causality of the connection.

Help you relax and sleep

Himalayan salt lamps’ potential impact on sleep hasn’t yet been investigated in studies. Conversely, an assessment of air ionization’s impacts on unwinding and sleeping found little proof of a positive impact.

Therefore, it’s unclear whether Himalayan salt lamps can change sleeping habits even if they did have an impact on the air quality. If you use a Himalayan salt lamp instead of strong electric lights, it will likely encourage tiredness as the day draws to a close.

It’s because intense light just before bed might hinder melatonin generation. The notion hasn’t been put to the test, and this isn’t limited to salt lamps.

The bottom line about Himalayan salt lamps

The claims of higher air quality enhance respiratory conditions, and better sleeping conditions and mood are not well supported by the available data. You may delay buying Himalayan salt lamps for every area in your home if you’re searching for these health advantages.

If you appreciate the way these lamps appear, smell, and are made, there is no danger in buying and using them. Ensure that you will buy the right salt lamps since there are suppliers who sell fake ones. You can visit Himalayan Salt Rocks to know more about salt lamps.

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