Purchasing a Lightsaber| Factors at Play


In the popular Star Wars series, a lightsaber is a fictional weapon depicted as a glowing blade. Because it was the most recognizable weapon used by several Jedi Knights, it deserves a high level of respect among Star Wars fans.

The visibility of these blades makes it simple to cut, melt, or burn a wide variety of materials. In order to help you choose the best lightsaber from the many available, we’ve compiled a list of criteria to consider.


An important consideration when buying a lightsaber is how it looks. In this case, you’ll want to think about the blade’s material, as most available options are made of plastic or metal. Make sure the plastic grip you’re looking at can handle the abuse of intense cosplay battles if that’s what you’re looking for. A lightsaber with a hilt that mimics the design of a real weapon is also recommended.

Background Noise

In addition to the humming of the projector engine, a lightsaber’s ambient sounds—typically buzzing and shimmering noises—should be present. However, you may discover that distinct differences exist between the noises made by various blades. Choose a blade with authentic film sounds, humming noises, and, if possible, motion sensor-driven effects.

Blade Lights

Lightsaber blades must be stunning to look at. In contrast, the vibrating appearance of these blades is achieved by making the visual elements appear unsteady. There is also the ambient sound of lightsaber blades. Some of the blades can have their color changed as well. Since this is the case, the red-to-blue metamorphosis provided by a high-quality blade is no less impressive. A blade having this feature will always display a different color when turned on.

Power Options

Most lightsabers, if not all, are powered by batteries. Most models on the market require AA batteries to function; depending on the model, they may or may not be included in the box. These blades lack the power necessary to provide the movie effects they promise. Power efficiency is an additional factor to consider when comparing lightsabers.

Control Device

Although they look great on screen savers, control boxes are often cumbersome to operate and add unnecessary weight to your blade. Make sure it has a compact control box and isn’t too heavy before you go out and get one.

Detachable body

Choose a lightsaber that allows you to take the blade out. Once the main body has been disassembled, the electronics can be tested. Changing the battery and fixing the blade are also options.


Sabers typically have a replaceable pommel. This is functionally equivalent to a coupler, allowing two lightsabers to be joined into a single weapon with two blades. Take the pommel off one lightsaber and place it on the other. Be alert for any suspicious activity.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to keep in mind that there is no competition for the title of best lightsaber when searching for light saber toys or imitation lightsabers. Your needs and goals, in addition to your available resources, will almost always be the most important factors in determining the optimal solution.

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