Trends in business you should focus in 2022 to get better!


Social media

In 2021, social media was the number 1 marketing channel, just ahead of websites, and this trend will continue in the new year. The most important thing in social media marketing is building a relationship with your target audience, engaging with them and turning them into loyal brand ambassadors. A lot is also happening in the area of ​​social media e-commerce, online shopping is increasing sharply and social media channels are also becoming shopping apps and can be used directly as sales platforms. 


Earn, build and maintain consumer trust through authentic, creative, quality and user-generated content. With the PR element user-generated content, you are perceived as even more authentic and trustworthy. You can gain additional credibility by citing, mentioning or linking to external content.


The shift in communication from traditional Internet tools to video content will continue to increase in 2022. Google estimates that by 2025 online videos will already generate 80% of internet traffic. Short formats of up to 30 or 60 seconds attract the most attention from users. Video content is the biggest thing right now. Video streaming platforms are very important. Twitch is dominating the industry and YouTube wants to get a big bite for this space too. Buy Twitch viewers and get better results when it comes to organic positioning. As of now, Twitch is the biggest streaming platform and you should jump into the trend while it’s possible.

Ethics and sustainability

Climate and environmental protection, resource consumption, fair trade, sustainability and ethics are important issues for consumers. Transparency is important here. Consumers want to know how a company works and how confidential data is treated. More and more consumers want to support companies that have a mission or are involved in some way.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Change is coming with the widespread adoption of AI. Through massive data processing, AI enables companies to develop personalized content and increase customer interaction. 

Data protection

Consumers are demanding better privacy protection and more control over their data. Therefore, CRM tools, surveys and interactive content are becoming increasingly important for success.


Appreciation and an individual approach are essential prerequisites for future success. Direct conversations can significantly increase the brand experience and customer trust and increase the loyalty of existing customers to the company. With personalized emails, authenticity is conveyed and you often get more interaction. Personalized websites analyze consumer behavior and ads targeted to individual needs are rarely hidden.

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