Top 6 Things to Consider When Buying Sunglasses


One of the things that brings discomfort to the eyes is the heat of the sun. UV rays can result in eye damage. Hence, wearing sunglasses helps to protect your eyes. Which is why it is best to select a high-quality sunglass, like Carrera sunglasses, to better enjoy the outdoors because it reduces the impact of sunlight on your vision.

Consider the subsequent factors when getting a pair of sunglasses and find some stylish ways to wear them.

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Different Types of Sunglasses

There are lots of sunglasses types that you can choose from, depending on your eye doctor’s prescription. Furthermore, you can opt for regular glasses for everyday wear to protect your eyes against the sun. It is categorised by lens, materials, and frame shapes so that you can choose which fits your style.

Square-framed glasses are perfect on round faces, same as with cat-eye sunglasses. There are also tinted glasses ideal for a beach trip and are available in various colours. Each type of sunglass guarantees eye comfort and a healthier vision of everything.

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Search for Reputable Brands 

Plenty of popular brands offer sunglasses that are durable and stylish at the same time. Use customers’ feedback and carefully read product descriptions to decide which to buy until it leads you to the new sunglasses that best fits your budget and needs.

Look for UV Protection Feature 

Sunglasses are made for eye protection and are not a mere fashion statement. Meaning, the eyewear should offer between 99% to 100% protection against UV rays to minimise the effects of sunlight in your eyes. A good pair of sunglasses must also reduce the chance of eye damage, such as cataracts. For example, bigger-sized glasses can block more UV rays and cover a wider eye area for better protection. Speak to a local optometrist to get a better idea of which sunglasses offer the best protection.

Check the Lenses Material 

The quality of the lenses impacts the overall performance of sunglasses. In addition, it comes in different colours and materials that best suit any activity.

You must do a quality check to avoid buying sunglasses with substandard lenses. First, find a rectangular pattern and then wear the glasses with one eye covered. Next, test the lenses by moving the glasses in all directions. If your vision wiggles, it is a sign of faulty lenses. Then you should look for another pair of glasses.

Also, get to know the eyewear’s shade and not assume that darker lenses mean a higher UV protection. In comparison, polarised lenses are better for certain activities outdoors, like boating and driving.

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Look for the right size of sunglasses before expecting it will look good on you. Know your face shape and other measurements, including the nose bridge and the distance between eyes. Experts recommend oversized sunglasses as the best choice to prevent eyes from sun damage.

Proper Styling of Sunglasses 

Investing in a good pair of sunglasses may consider a lot of things, such as above. Always remember to select an item that is easy to style or match with any outfit. Make sure it is versatile to wear on any occasion, so better pick a shade made of sturdy materials, like Carrera sunglasses.

To summarise, a good pair of sunglasses is vital to any outdoor activities, especially during summer. It has different styles to choose from with the ability to protect the eyes from UV rays. Choosing the best sunglasses is easier with the above factors to consider.

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