Top 6 Chic Wedding Neon Signs For Your Memorable Day


Ready to go outside the box for your wedding day? If yes, let’s grab your very own wedding neon signs and take your first step into the fashion world. With the outstanding outlook of the neon sign, there’s no room for dull decorations at your venue! 

  • Better Together Neon Sign 

The Better Together neon sign is the perfect choice for those who want to show gratitude, greet their guests, and showcase their love story. It has a splendid outlook, illuminating the venue and spicing up the whole atmosphere. Then, why don’t we grab this chance, take it home for an appealing appearance, and make your day the most memorable for a lifetime? 

Better Together Wedding LED Neon Sign 

A Beautiful Backdrop With The Better Together Wedding Neon Sign 

  • It Was Always You Wedding LED Neon Sign 

If you’re fed up with traditional wedding decorations, how about combining a wedding neon sign with a wooden backboard? It will make a glorious statement, turning the venue into artistic artwork that allows you to take beautiful photos. 

It’s also fun to make the day memorable and greet your guest efficiently with this stunning appearance at your wedding venue. As your day is approaching, let’s make up your mind and place an order. Definitely, this one will never let you down.  

It Was Always You On The Wooden Board 

It Was Always You At The Center Reception 

The outstanding appearance of the It Was Always You Wedding Neon Sign is indeed universal appeal, grabbing everyone’s eyes, holding attention, and enticing them to enjoy the day. If you want to add sparkles as well as a festive vibe to the day, there’s no way to miss this great sign. For other splendid ideas, keep scrolling down! 

  • I Love You Three Thousand Wedding Neon Sign 

The line “I Love You Three Thousand” is well-known from the Marvel film. If you’re a movie buff as well as a lover of decor, there’s no chance you’ll skip this wedding neon sign. Choose the I Love You Three Thousand Wedding Neon Sign if you want to show off your sense of style, flaunt your preferences, make things whimsical, and turn the venue into artwork. 

I Love You Three Thousand Wedding Neon Sign 

A wedding neon sign truly packs a punch for your day. It’ll add wow factors, bring a fabulous glow, and create a snap-worthy moment for you and your spouse. Let’s hang the stunning wedding LED neon sign on your special day to show that you two are meant to be. 

Besides, this will work beautifully in your living space. The precious keepsake allows you to recall your intimate feelings and look back on them day by day. Also, this can be utilized as a light source. Adjusting the brightness of the neon sign is just a child’s game when all purchases always come with a wireless remote. 

  • Happily Ever After Wedding LED Neon Sign

Have you ever heard about the iconic saying “Happily Ever After”? This is used for lifetime couples who are destined to see each other and are meant to be forever. No matter the tough times, conflicts, or hardships, we’ll work it out together and become the happiest couple in the world. What are you waiting for if you want something meaningful like this in your day? This sign undoubtedly was born just for you.  

Happily Ever After White Wedding Sign 

The sign comes in various sizes, colors, and shapes. So, if you have a minimalist wedding scheme, go for the white option. If glitz and glamour are your things, at least eight different colors are available for you to choose from. The sign works splendidly on the floral arch, at the wedding entrance, and at the wooden wall’s focal point – you name it. Each location where you display neon lights will give a different feel and appearance. So, feel free to make up your mind when decorating your wedding reception. 

  • Til Death LED Neon Sign 

“Til Death” is another well-known phrase that many couples use on their wedding day. It is an excellent way to showcase your love story, express love, and convey emotion for the day. Combined with the color red, the sign transforms your venue into a work of art, capturing everyone’s attention and impressing guests for years to come. Look at that couple! We’re sure they’ve enjoyed the day to the fullest. 

Til Death Red LED Neon Sign 

What about this for those looking for a one-of-a-kind backdrop that captures attention and entices guests to take photos? The vibrant color evokes excitement, passion, and emotion, enticing everyone to raise their glasses and immerse themselves in a magical and romantic world.  With all of these exciting features, it’s pointless to consider them. Let’s place an order and let it do its best for the day! 

  • Surname Wedding Neon Sign 

A surname wedding neon sign is the ultimate for those who want to personalize their day as well as take it to the next level. All you need to do is jot down your surname and send your requirements via Zanvis’s website. With their highly-skilled designers, fulfilling your dream is just a piece of cake! 

The Williamson’s LED Neon Sign 

The surname wedding neon sign is indeed a head-turner. It goes smoothly wherever you want to add a pop of color and make it more lively. If you’re going to greet your guests and draw their attention, hanging it at the entrance is the best way to do it. Also, you can combine it with a green wall. This combination will give you a glorious photo backdrop, allowing you and everyone to take pictures together. After that, you can post it on your social media and let those platforms mark your day thoroughly.

Don’t worry if you’re new to the neon world. All packages will come with a free kit and step-by-step guidelines. These will help you to install and display in a fraction of time. Also, there is a video tutorial on YouTube made by Zanvis. You can browse them out to get more info! 

Zanvis Neon is one of the greatest top-sellers on Etsy who can actualize your dream and bring it into reality within 24 hours. If you’re ready to go creative, shop now with us! 

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