Your customers form the basis of your business, and you need to give them the best customer support. From answering their queries to celebrating their milestones, you need to put proactive steps to keep them happy. Here are a few pointers on exceptional tactics for outstanding customer support.

Quick Responses

Make your customers happy by ensuring you provide quick responses to their queries. When you respond to your clients quickly, you show them that they are a priority to your work. Delayed responses, whether on social media or through messaging, cause clients to get disappointed and look for alternative solutions.

One of the ways to do this is by using an appropriate mass messaging platform, such as a programmable SMS API. You can have two-way messaging with your clients and answer all their queries as soon as they send them. This service also allows you to send mass messages to your customers and receive responses from them.

Personalize Communication

Apart from the regular automated messaging, personalized communication makes your customers feel like they are part of the business. Messages with their names or calling them by name speak volumes of how much they matter and thus improve their loyalty. For example, whenever you receive a call or message from your client, you need to address them by name and not generalize them.

This personalization can only come when you have a detailed system that captures your clients’ details. Basic information such as their full names, date of birth, and maybe where they live is essential. This way, you can celebrate them during their birthdays, send Christmas greeting cards, and other relevant communication.

Self-Help Services

Many experts say that most customers prefer solving their own issues instead of calling in for help. You can assist them in attaining this by creating a FAQ section on your website. This section should answer the most common questions that your consumers encounter while using your product or service. You can also add a step-by-step video to give clear directions.

In this digital era, most customers are happy to use online knowledge and lessons to solve their day-to-day issues. You can even include an auto-reply chatbox that provides general answers about your business. You will achieve more customer satisfaction by giving your clients a chance to solve their issues.

Be Active on Social Media

If you have social media accounts, don’t let them just stay dormant. Make them active by posting articles, videos, and other relevant materials. You should also ensure that you respond to your customers’ questions, complaints, and comments. It’s crucial to note that when customers communicate on social media, they expect you to respond promptly.

That’s why you need an employee whose primary work is tracking the comments, complaints, and suggestions people give on your social media platform. Responding promptly will help quickly settle your clients’ issues, thus avoiding poor referrals.

Reward Loyalty

Keep your loyal customers happy by providing rewards and appreciation. This gesture makes them feel valued and promotes referrals and a lifetime of customer relationships. You can achieve this by giving discounts, offering gifts, and loyalty points. No matter the customer loyalty program you have, you must make a lasting statement.

For example, instead of giving them a bonus or discount, contact the loyal clients and offer them a tour or deliver a package from your company to their doorstep. This act will touch their hearts, and your efforts will linger in their memory for a long time.

Turn Mistakes into Memories

Train your staff to look for any opportunities to do a good deed for the clients. For example, if a client forgets something in your business, you can ensure it gets to them with a personal message. The action might be small, but it will mean a lot to the customer.

Every good deed you do for a customer will eventually boost your name, especially in this social media era. You can also get involved with charitable acts and make a difference in the world.


Invest in your customers, and they will stick by your side. No matter how excellent your products are, your clients will look for an alternative product if you do not provide prompt and friendly customer support. Therefore, when you choose the right strategy, give your best and ensure you provide courtesy training to your staff. Let everyone have friendly conversations, and they will eventually return for more.


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