The rain has always been a popular enemy of drivers. There is a good reason for it. It makes the road slippery, affects visibility, and causes road accidents. If you are driving on a wet road, it is important to be especially more cautious. 

Road accidents during the rainy season are no rare sight in the United States. If you get hit and injured by a negligent driver, you can file for compensation with the help of a car wreck lawyer Colorado. Meanwhile, here are a few tips for driving safely in the rain. 

Tips for safe driving in the rain

  • Check your tires.

Do not drive in rainy weather if your tires are worn out. You will not only put yourself in danger but the lives of other people on the road as well. If it rains suddenly, try to go slow as much as you can as worn-out tires are more prone to skid on a wet road. Also, check the air pressure in your tires before heading out.

  • Turn on the AC.

You are most likely to keep your windows rolled up during rainy weather while driving. Closed windows often block the air circulation inside the cabin. Your windshield will fog up because of the difference in temperature and pressure from inside to outside. In this case, turning your AC and keeping it at the same temperature as outside can decrease build-up fog. You can also breathe fresh air from the AC and not the stale circulated air. 

  • Keep your headlights on.

Keeping your headlights on during rainy weather is helpful for the other drivers who are driving in the same lane. Headlights will increase your visibility, and other drivers can spot you easily.

  • Maintain distance from cars.

Always maintain the recommended distance from the vehicle in front of you. Going too close can increase the odds of a rear-end accident as you get less time for stopping your vehicle. 

  • Avoid braking heavily.

When driving in rainy weather, remember to stop your vehicle by taking off your foot from the accelerator and applying brakes a bit more quickly than usual. Modern cars come with cruise control mode, which you should avoid using on a slippery surface.

  • Do not drive on standing water.

Driving through standing water will cause your vehicle to hydroplane. This way, your car will skid, and you may lose control.

By following these tips, you can rest assured that you will be driving safely during the rainy season. However, that still does not guarantee a safe drive. This is because you can control your vehicle, but not others. Contact an attorney for legal help today. 


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