How To Choose Right Insta DP


Profile picture or DP on Instagram acts as an introduction to your profile and also helps people and yourself identify to whom the account belongs to. Profile pictures are vital and relevant while following an account. We all are aware about the vitality of a perfect profile picture in helping create a good social introduction and statement, especially if you are a brand. While picking up a profile picture you  can get help from a third party application. Insta Zoom is one of the right apps to choose an Instagram profile picture with HD quality and there are more things which you  need to keep in mind to get the vitals correct. Here are certain tips to keep in mind while choosing a profile picture of you:

1. Brand or person specific picture:

The profile picture of any account on Instagram should be either of your brand or yourself. The main use of profile pictures is to help people identify you. In order to serve this purpose the profile picture should be related to you, rather than something that cannot be related. If you have a brand it is of utmost vitality to put your brand logo as DP or your picture as DP to help people connect to your business. For a personal account you can put up a picture of yours that is clear and has great resolution.

2. Size of picture with center orientation:

Instagram puts up your picture in a small circular thumbnail, hence while deciding for a profile picture you need to keep this in mind so as to avoid unnecessary crop. Having a picture that is center-oriented is beneficial, as even if the corners get cropped your picture would stand clear. Moreover keeping the size of the picture in mind is important, to get a clear picture. The standard size of the picture for your Instagram profile picture is 110 x 110 pixels. This way you get a picture that is clearly visible even in that small circular thumbnail.

3. Get the aesthetics of your picture right:

Getting your aesthetics right means having a profile picture that goes along with the rest of your grid. This helps create a flow in your profile. Choose a profile picture with a similar color code to match the rest of your profile. Having an overall aesthetic correct helps your profile look more attractive.

4. Background and foreground contrast:

At times we choose a picture that has a bright background with a bright foreground picture that does not go well as you are able to make out nothing. Make sure the background and foreground of your image compliments each other and creates an overall smooth look rather than subduing the look hiding details. A great background helps enhance your image and creates a better impact.

5. Props that define your profession or personality:

At times people want to put up their pictures, not how do you enhance and help people know more about you and your business. Simple, just add a prop that defines your profession or personality. Like adding in a picture of you in a chef’s apron and cap helps people relate to your profession. This way a lot can be conveyed through an image.

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