The top 5 pieces of info that you MUST include on your just listed postcards!


As a real estate agent or realtor, your work revolves around buying and selling houses. Immediately you have a new house listing, you need other people to be aware of it to purchase. Therefore, you should have an effective marketing strategy to create awareness of the listing. Marketing is integral in ensuring you increase your chances of selling the houses.

The ideal marketing tool to use is postcards. A postcard is a form of direct mailing proven to be an effective marketing tool. In addition to that, it is inexpensive, making it the ideal option for realtors to make the target audience aware of a new listing or publicize a recent sale. Specifically, just listed postcards are postcards used to publicize new listings.

Just listed postcards are known to be effective because:

  • They are quick
  • They generate leads
  • Are relatively cheap
  • They address the target audience
  • They offer brand recognition.

The effectiveness of the postcards depends on the design and wording used. Therefore, to create an impression on your potential clients, you need to have an exemplary postcard. This article gives you a detailed explanation of information to include in a just-listed postcard.


According to the 40-40-20 rule of direct marketing, the offer is central to your success. The 40-40-20 rule states that 40% of the direct mail campaign’s success depends on the target audience, the other 40% on the attractiveness of the offer, and 20% on presentation, wording, imagery, and print quality.

The features of an ideal offer are:

  • One listing per postcard
  • You will need to develop creative ways to attract clients to accept your offer. Some of the creative mechanisms you can use are offering gifts during house viewing, presenting the notion of house scarcity, and offering discounted prices by slashing the initial offer.
  • Inform them what they are getting into. It is fundamental to have a visual presentation of the listing so that your clients are aware of what they are buying.

Call to action

A call to action is the ultimate goal of a just-listed postcard. What do you want the target audience to do after getting the postcards? Do you want them to give you a call or check your real estate website? Based on this, you can develop a powerful CTA like; Call today for more information! Or see us online!


You need to defy the norms and formulate a creative headline. Examples of headlines to use:

  • This could be your new home in the next 14 days
  • How much could this home be worth

Who are you?

It is imperative to give an introduction to who you are. This entails your background and some track record to convince you. This is what separates you from other realtors.

Where is the property located?

The just listed postcard should give all information about the property. This includes the location of the property. By revealing the location, you will attract more willing buyers.

By implementing the above-stated tips on your just-listed postcards, you will create a good brand image. This has a ripple effect on your selling capability.

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