The most well-known applications of social media in 2022.


Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, plus Snapchat are among the top five most well-known social networks in the world.

While eighty percent of consumers interact with brands through Facebook, all social media platform is designed for this purpose. Certain systems are only used for instant messaging, while others are extremely popular in other countries, such as China.

Let’s go over all social media applications in detail

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat

Facebook is an American digital social networking site that is owned by Meta Platforms. Facebook was founded back in the year 2004 with Harvard University students Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. By the year 2021 Facebook was home to around three billion people and was the most popular social network in the world. Around one-third of the users were active on the platform every day. Menlo Park, California houses the headquarters of the company.

The history of the company’s beginnings is a bit tangled. It was established around 2003, within Harvard University called Facemash, which was a service using digital technology to evaluate how attractive physical appearance of fellow students. Because of the violation of the university’s regulations by the chief designer, Zuckerberg, in collecting resources for the program, the service was shut down within two days. Facemash was a hit with 450 users who took part in 22,000 polls despite its similarity to a fly. In January of 2004, due to this accomplishment, Zuckerberg registered the URL He and others student Saverin, Moskovitz, along Hughes created a brand new social network in that site.

TheFacebook added it’s Wall to a user’s digital account in the month of September. The feature was frequently used and allowed friends of the user to publish content to their Wall however it also became an integral part of Facebook’s social component. By the end of 2004 there was one million members active Facebook users. But the social network was far in comparison to Myspace the world’s leading online social network that had five million users.


American company Facebook Inc., now known by the name Meta Platforms, purchased Instagram it was founded at the time of Kevin Systrom but also Mike Krieger to share pictures as well as videos in 2012. The application allows users to post media that can be modified using filters, and hashtags as well as geotagging. The posts can be made available to the general public or with followers who have been approved. Users are able to explore the content of other users by using tags as well as location. They can also explore popular content, like photographs, and also follow other users to get their posts in a personalized feed.

Instagram first distinguished itself by allowing content to be displayed within an rectangular (1:1) proportion of perspective that was 640 pixels that was equivalent to the screen width of the Apple device in the moment. In 2015, this restriction was removed by raising its resolution up by 1080 pixels. The app also had messaging capabilities, the capability to combine multiple images or videos into a single post, and the Stories feature, similar to Snapchat’s feature, that allowed users to upload material to a feed that is sequential each post being accessible for the entire day. Before January 1, 2019, more than 500 million people used Stories regularly. If you are interested in creating such a social media app. You can seek out assistance from  


The concept for Pinterest was inspired by Ben Silberman but also Paul Sciarra’s program Tote which was an alternative to printing catalogs. Tote’s problems in the commercial realm were mostly due to difficulties dealing with mobile payments. People were initially wary to make use of the app because they were concerned about the limits of mobile payment technology. This made it impossible to buy items while traveling. Additionally, Tote users were collecting vast collections of their favourite items, but they also shared their collections with other users. Silberman was impressed by this behavior, and he decided to shift his attention on the development of Pinterest that allowed users to create collections of diverse products, but also share them with friends.

The development of Pinterest began at the end of December in 2009 however also the prototype was made available with a limited beta March of 2010. The website is currently used by 10,000 people just nine months after its launch. Silbermann claimed that he had sent an initial letter to five thousand customers, giving his contact number and even having a meeting with many of them. The launch of the iPhone application in the middle of March 2011 brought in more downloads than was anticipated. It was followed as an iPad application but also Pinterest Mobile, a non-iPhone-compatible version of the website. Up until the summer of 2011, Silbermann but also a handful of programmers managed the site from a small apartment.

Linked in:

It was December, 2002 when Reid Hoffman but also the initial Team members who were from PayPal as well as created the company. Allen Blue, Jean-Luc Vailla, Eric Ly, Konstantin Guericke, Lee Hower, Stephen Beitzel, Ian McNish, Yan Pujante, David Eves as well as Chris Saccheri. The company’s Series A financing round was led by Sequoia Capital in late 2003. In August 2004 LinkedIn’s numbers of LinkedIn users reached one million. LinkedIn was the first to earn a profit month in March. LinkedIn reached 10,0 million registered users by April 2007. LinkedIn launched the first mobile version of the site during February of 2008. The year 2009 saw a substantial part of the year was spent researching Indian professionals. They also educated users on how to use LinkedIn to advance their careers.


Snap Inc., formerly known as Snapchat Inc. was an American company that developed an instant messaging app that is multimedia known as Snapchat. Snapchat’s pictures, but also messages are generally only accessible for a short period of time before they are no longer accessible to the intended users. The app has changed from its initial focus on sharing pictures between friends to its current focus on the users’ “Stories” comprising 24 hours of relevant content as well as “Discover,” which allows advertisers to show ads-supported short-form content. Users can also save pictures in a password protected section that is titled “my solely for my eyes.” It also appears to have implemented only a small amount of encryption at the end of the tunnel in the near future, and further plans to broaden its usage.

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