The 10 Best Field Trips for Students of All Ages


School is a time for exploration and learning, and as a teacher, it’s likely that you want to foster your kid’s enthusiasm for education through a number of different methods. Field trips are a great way to do this, and they give you the chance to widen your students’ horizons in a structured way. However, finding the right trips for students can be difficult, and taking a class on an unsuitable visit might do more damage than good. Here are 10 of the best field trips for students of all ages that you can rely on every time.


For any student, a trip to the zoo is a fun but educational day out. From elephants to penguins, zoos offer an experience like no other – the chance to see animals native to countries and even continents all over the world. Most zoos offer guides around the history of each species, and some even provide dedicated tours and talks for students, so you should contact them directly to see what they have available for kids who visit.


The solar system is one of the most awe-inspiring elements of our universe and taking kids to the planetarium is always a hit. The Space Foundation offers some exceptional field trips and classes that will inspire wonder and amazement in your students, as well as providing them a solid foundation of new knowledge that they can take with them on their educational journey. If you’re planning a future field trip or class at the Space Foundation Discover Center, make sure to give them a call to find out everything you need to know, so that you don’t miss out on any additional learning opportunities.


A lot of kids won’t have had the opportunity to attend the theater before, especially if they’re from a low-income background. That’s why a school trip to watch a play can be an incredible experience for your students and seeing a performance by trained professionals is sure to inspire. If you’re tight on a budget, you could even consider visiting a local high school to see a student-led production, so that your class can still be wowed by the drama of costume changes, beautiful scenery and an exciting light show.


A day out to the museum is a field trip go-to for a reason. Whether your students are interested in history, the natural sciences or art and creation, they’ll have a great day exploring everything that museums have to offer. Often, you’ll be able to book your students onto talks and tours within museums that provide a deeper level of detail than they might be able to achieve through reading about the topic at home, so this is a great choice if you need to integrate your field trip into your wider curriculum.

Fire Station

One of the best things you can do as a teacher is prepare your students for difficult situations that may arise throughout their lifetime, and a trip to the fire station is a good way to do this. By introducing them to firefighters in school, you can help your kids to learn about what they do and why in a safe environment, which will provide reassurance should they ever need to call for help. Plus, what kid doesn’t want to take a cool ride on a fire truck?


When you first think about taking your students on a field trip, a day out to the hospital probably won’t cross your mind. Thoughts of the sterile environment and complex procedures are enough to scare anyone. However, hospitals around the country have worked hard to develop tours and experience days for students that introduce them to medical centers in a non-frightening way. While on-site, your students will be able to learn about the daily lives of nurses and doctors and interact with medical equipment. If you’re looking for a trip that inspires great aspirations, a hospital is the perfect choice.

Sporting Event

For the sportier students in your class, taking them to a sporting event like a football or baseball game allows them to have fun while experiencing something that they might not have had the opportunity to do before. From spotting their favorite players to rocking out to halftime tunes, sports events provide an exciting way to relax after a semester of working hard. Not only this but seeing professional sports players in action allows younger kids to envision themselves in a world of sports and entertainment, which helps to set them up for future health and happiness.


A lot of students will never have had the chance to visit an aquarium and see the huge number of aquatic species that live behind the glass. Even if they have, going behind the scenes of an aquarium is another level of education and enjoyment. Aquariums regularly offer tours and experience days that allow kids to learn how they work, and what type of jobs are performed by those who work there. From feeding the dolphins to watching a show, there’s a whole host of activities that aquariums can offer as part of a field trip day, so you should call the office of your nearest location to discuss what experiences they have available.


If you’d rather take your class to an on-land animal experience, then a farm might be the best option. Unlike zoos, in which you typically only watch the animals from a safe distance, farms often run experience days where you can stroke different animals and take part in their feeding routines. For kids, this is an exciting day out that will raise their spirits while teaching them about the different types of animal species. Not only this, but first-hand animal care experience will also inspire dedication, and might even motivate some students to work towards a veterinary or animal care-based career.

Being a teacher is a rewarding job, and field trips give you the opportunity to truly impact the lives of the kids you teach, helping them make memories that will last forever. From the Space Foundation Discovery Center to the local hospital, there is a world of wonder out there for your students — you just need to be on hand to help make it happen.

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