Some Factors to Consider While Buying Vintage Jewellery


The first and most important factor when looking at buying vintage jewellery is the provenance of the piece. This is very important as the history of a piece can give some clues as to its age and authenticity. Very often the piece is certified by an expert appraiser who checks the piece for authenticity. Certified jewellery is often worth more than jewellery that is not so certified.

The next factor to consider when buying vintage jewellery is the current value. This may sound obvious but how many people do you know who have a precise idea of what an item might be worth? It is surprising how many people would not be aware of the current market value for particular pieces. If you are planning on passing an item on to a son or daughter, having an accurate appraisal on the item will help them make the correct decision.

As previously mentioned, the provenance of a piece is essential in determining its value. A well known jeweller will only sell a vintage piece if it has been inspected by someone with expertise in the field. There are many jewellers who sell items that are not worth very much. You need to ask the dealer about the provenance of the piece.

The condition of the vintage jewellery is a major deciding factor. Jewellers are well aware that each piece has a story to tell and they are not afraid to reveal this. In fact, there are many examples of very old pieces that are in very good condition. A major factor when buying vintage jewellery is the quality of the piece rather than the price. Carus jewellery is a well known shop in the UK to buy vintage jewellery at a cheap price.

The last factor to consider is craftsmanship on the piece. Each piece will be unique and this is why the craftsmanship cannot be copied. The best pieces will have a unique design and will be made from only the best materials. This means that the stone or wood may need to be a hundred years old to make it look as good as it did the day it was created. It may have been passed down through the generations but the beauty of the piece has not faded with time. The craftsmanship is what will keep jewellery fashionable for years to come.

When buying vintage jewellery you need to have a passion for it. Many people do not really know how to spot a genuine piece from a fake. They are just out there looking for value. There are a number of factors to consider while buying vintage jewellery. They are important to every buyer but above all, it is the passion for the piece that will make the difference.


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