The world has changed a lot in the last few decades. Now, instead of a pen and a paper, most official work is processed online in electronic formats. However, it doesn’t mean that the grace and elegance of pen have gone forever.

The use of Parker pen still rules as the number one corporate stationery and gift item. It still remains the most popular item among the top cooperates and business persons at business meets and official seminars. On special occasions, HR managers often gift their employees with a dazzling pen and a diary as personalized gifts.

The Origin of the Term Pen

The term Pen is originated from the Latin word Pinna, which means feather. In ancient times, a feather was in use for writing anything. It took a lot of years to change feathers in their original form to a ball pen.

Gradually, over the years, a pen has embraced a lot of changes. Now, it serves as a status symbol, too. Starting from school, college, to office, people use attractive pens for putting their signature on various documents. At the same time, it suits your fashion statement and elevates your style quotient too.

People now have two choices to choose from: an ink pen and a Cross fountain pen. These gorgeous pens carry.

Customized Cross Pens

Customized fountain pens are a great stationery gift item. You can engrave the name of the beneficiary or the receiver in attractive fonts to give a thoughtful present to someone on their special days like anniversary, birthday, or school farewell. These pens are getting prominence at corporate workshops and seminars.

You can use customized cross pens for branding purposes too. As a firm owner, you can also put your brand logo on these pens to promote your brand name. It also helps enhance your brand visibility and goodwill.

Reputation and Stature

High-quality branded pens like Parker are long-lasting and highly durable. These pens serve a variety of purposes: use them for writing, elevate your status symbol or enhance your reputation and stature, and also present them as corporate gifts.

These pens serve as a prestige symbol for the people who possess them. Using such a pen increases your status and values in front of your colleagues and bosses.

Innovative Designs

Cross fountain pens are highly innovative and attractive. These are available in superior quality and in attractive bodies. When you are looking for branded pens with excellent strokes and balance while writing, Parker pens are your best bet.

In Conclusion

Writing is an innovative and creative art. If you take a look at Calligraphy, it’s all about writing in style making use of attractive fonts, colors, and style.

An artistically-decorated greeting card with hand-written stuff can make anyone’s heart melt on special occasions. The utility of the pen can never fade as long as the universe exists.

Digital documents and computers have only simplified our tasks. These can never replace the ‘emotional connect’ or personal touch that one feels while reading out a hand-written letter or stuff.


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