Renowned Songwriter NORD and Addison Rae In The Studio, Debut EP Release


Addison Rae, a female Instagram and TikTok influencer icon turned musician, is reportedly working on her debut EP alongside industry staple songwriting talent Carter Davis (NORD), who is an 18-year-old Oregon based rapper, artist, and general musician. NORD is well-known in the Pop and Hip-Hop dominant category of the widespread digital music distribution space, with previous attributed songwriting and production credits on records from the likes of Rebecca Black, Drake, 21 Savage, and Ice Spice.

Some of the world’s most recognized musicians crave the talent that NORD brings to each project he associates himself with thanks to his innate sense for multi-syllabic rhyming patterns and witty, snappily delivered topic-related punchlines that fit well within the context of popular themes present in the rapidly shifting trending sounds that makes up the smash-hit songs of today.

Renowned Songwriter NORD and Addison Rae In The Studio, Debut EP Release

 With the assistance of NORD’s previous songwriting work on Addison Rae’s debut single titled ‘Obsessed’, which now sits at over one-hundred-million unique listens and has charted multiple times on the Billboard Hot 100 USA Charts, the two like-minded sonically powerful musicians have formed a strong bond through the execution of their combined creative process. While listeners eagerly wait for the release of Rae’s debut album, with limited information on the release timeline as it stands, those waiting can stay updated by following the “Queen of Pop” and the Oregon musician’s Instagram profiles.

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