Organizing Bachelorette Underwear for the Entire Crew


Planning a bachelorette party, it can be challenging to coordinate underwear for everyone in attendance. Not only is this stressful for the bride-to-be, but it may cause her guests a great deal of embarrassment as well.

Save everyone the hassle by buying a lingerie-themed gag gift that’s easy to wear and won’t be mistaken for actual bachelorette underwear. These gifts are sure to have everyone laughing!

Boozy Brunch

Brunch can be an enjoyable and festive day-drinking event with food and cocktails. Whether you’re going with your besties, boyfriend or mom, boozy brunch is the ideal way to have an awesome time while sipping on delectable beverages.

Although boozy brunch may sound fun, there are some unspoken rules to follow for a successful event. Following these guidelines will help ensure everyone has an enjoyable time and avoid any major drama.

Bar Crawl

A bar crawl is an excellent way to explore the city. You’ll get to sample various bars and breweries, including some hidden gems you may not have discovered on your own.

One of the great benefits of a pub crawl is getting to meet some amazing people! Making friends with other revelers will make your bachelorette trip that much more enjoyable!

Comedy Club

The Comedy Club is an ideal venue to discover new talent and hone your stand-up abilities. Additionally, the venue helps you form connections with agents and managers.

When attending a show or club, it’s essential to wear comfortable clothes. Avoid looking like you’re trying too hard by wearing jeans and an elegant top.


Yoga is a mindful body practice that fuses exercise and meditation together into an art form. Studies have demonstrated its benefits – including stress reduction, improved flexibility, and even cognitive improvement in seniors. Those who practice it often say it’s their favorite way to de-stress and recharge their batteries.

Yoga exists in a range of forms, from the gentle styles from decades past to more intense vinyasa and power yoga techniques.

National Parks Exploration

Experience a romantic and educational weekend by planning your trip to one of America’s national parks. With some truly impressive gorges, caves and cliffs at your disposal – not to mention free! — the National Parks offer something for everyone; making them ideal bachelorette funny panties party photos!

Mud Run

Mud runs are an engaging and unique way for groups of friends to bond over team building activities. Mud runs can also help build upper body strength while incorporating plyometric exercises into your training regimen.

Mud runs are great workouts for all ages and fitness levels, though it’s important to do your research prior to participating in one in order to avoid getting injured or dirty! Mud runs offer many obstacles that make them challenging but also provide an intense workout!


A Luau is an authentic Hawaiian celebration of food, music and dance. It’s also an excellent opportunity to learn more about Hawaii’s culture and connect with people from around the globe.

Hula dancing is the most beloved form of entertainment at a luau, but other stage performances are equally captivating. A fire knife dance, for instance, will surely get your adrenaline pumping.

Barbie Party

Barbie Party: For brides-to-be who want a pink, glitter and glam bachelorette celebration. This theme coordinates with everyone else in attendance so it’s simple to plan an amazing celebration!

Dress up as Barbie dolls and have a photo booth with Barbie-inspired props! It’s the ideal way for kids to have some fun and get some laughs!

Mermaid Party

Mermaid parties are all about the sea, and you’re sure to have an exciting time with this theme! From a dessert table themed around mermaids to engaging party games, there are plenty of ways to make your mermaid dreams come true!

Start with a festive entryway that will make guests eager to arrive. Add some flair with balloon garland and lanterns for some vibrant colour at your entrance.

Little Black Dress

One of the hottest trends in hen’s parties right now is the LBD (little black dress). This black dress offers a fashionable way to make a statement, whether you’re heading out for drinks or brunch in the morning.

It also makes an ideal present for the bride-to-be and is comfortable enough to wear during all your other bachelorette activities. Plus, the name of your crew’s event is embroidered on the back for an edgy touch.

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