Keep the Bugs Out With the Magnetic Screen Door from Everlasting Comfort


Bugs, pests, annoyances. It doesn’t matter what we end up calling them, but bugs tend to cause a lot of problems for people. Especially whenever you have your screen door open during the summer and the bugs keep coming all around. They sting, buzz, flap, and annoy everyone. Especially if you are finding that you are spending all your time outside and have plates of food.

While there are plenty of ways to handle the bugs as they crop up outside, it gets harder whenever you are inside your house. You might want to let the summer breeze inside of your home, but you don’t want the bugs coming in with the sun. In order to get the best of both worlds, you need to invest in a magnetic screen door from Everlasting Comfort.

But how does a screen door keep all the bugs out? And what else does it do for you and your needs? This article is going to delve into why an Everlasting Comfort magnetic screen door and how it keeps the bugs out and keeps your comfort level high!

Why Are Bugs Repelled by Screen Doors?

The main advantage of the magnetic screen doors from Everlasting Comfort is that they keep even the biggest bugs out of the house. The Everlasting Comfort magnetic screen doors are made with a much higher thread count than regular screen doors, meaning that the polyester mesh is not only very durable, but it also helps to keep the bugs away.

Now, the size of the magnetic door mesh for screen doors is important, because standard screening is 18 by 16 or about 200 holes for every square inch of mesh. This is enough to keep most bugs you can see out, but if you live in an area where you have biting midges, you will need a much thicker screening for your mesh to keep these smaller bugs out.

The mesh will keep the bugs from getting into your home, but what about the seams? Surely a powerful door isn’t going to be great if you are opening and closing it?

How The Magnetic Screen Door Helps To Remove Bugs

Whenever you open the door, you might wonder about opportunistic bugs flying inside of your home as you go in and out. However, the magnetic screen door from Everlasting comfort comes with a seam that holds together with a total of 26 magnets while most other screen doors have 18 magnets or less in their seams.

The powerful magnet connectors are weak enough to push through with a head or a hand, but they are strong enough to snap back together quickly once you are through the screen door. This speed means that the bugs will not be able to get into your home at all, and they will remain outside where they need to be. Plus, the door closes quickly and silently as well, so no more needing to listen to the screen door slamming all day as you move in and out!

You Will Still Get All The Outdoor Benefits

Of course, one of the main reasons why people go outside or open their patio doors in the first place is because they want the benefits that can only come with being outdoors. The warm sun shining down and making spots in the house pleasant to sit in, the wind creating a nice crossbreeze, and the sound of the birds and people moving around the neighborhood.

However, if you want to have all those benefits without having the risk of bugs coming into the open door, then you can use a magnetic screen door. The mesh allows the wind, sun, and the sound to go through the door, while keeping the bugs out. Plus, when you decide you want to go outside, you won’t need to wrestle the door open and instead just walk out.

The Bugs Are Kept Out All Year Round

Finally, while bugs might be the biggest problem inside of Summer, most of us know that bugs get inside the house all year round. However, if you want the benefits of a magnetic screen door all year round, the one from Everlasting Comfort is a very good idea for long term usage. The durable mesh, reinforced edges, and everything else means that the mesh is going to be resistant to everything that mother nature throws at it.

So whether you live in a heated area where the bugs are as big as the shoes you use to kill them, or live in an area where bugs are sparse, but annoying, the magnetic screen door from Everlasting Comfort will provide enough support to let you, your pets, and the summer sunshine in, while keeping the bugs and other vermin out!

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