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The living room is the one place in your house where you entertain guests. So, naturally, you want to make the space more open and airy. But, modern apartments come with tiny living rooms, and one cannot really do anything about it. Instead, you will have to depend on the room’s styling and design to make the space appear larger than it is. You will be surprised to find out how remodeling the room décor makes the space appear larger and open. Continue reading to learn practical interior décor tips.

The Color: The first and foremost thing you need to look for is the color of the room. You cannot have dark colors in the living room if you want the space to appear larger than it is. Moreover, dark colors often make the room look small and cozy. Now, dark shades of green and black will definitely work well if you want to make the room more modern and cozier. Additionally, the colors work great for a small reading nook.

  • For the living room, shades of white, light blue, and so on work better. You may also go with light-colored wallpaper. Avoid choosing busy or loud wallpaper that demands attention.
  • Many people like to use photograph frames on the walls to create contrasting patterns. You may use a single large photograph on the wall to make the walls appear larger instead of adding multiple framed photos.

Carpet: Another smart way to make the floor look bigger is to use a large carpet that goes under the furniture. The long carpet will make the room appear more spacious. However, when you use a large carpet, it can get messy fast. Therefore, you must clean the carpet at least once a month. Cleaning a big carpet is not as easy as you think. You may dust and vacuum the carpet, but that is not going to clean the carpet fully, especially if you have pets in the house. Therefore, you may opt for commercial cleaning services in Jacksonville, FL, for deep clean services.

Natural Light: Let the natural light shine through the house’s interior. Sunlight makes everything sunny and bright and makes the space look bigger. The light colors on the walls make the room appear large. So, make use of glass windows during the day. Use artificial lighting to create an ambiance. You can use the vertical space to install multiple light sources.

The Right Furniture: You would rather not fill up the space with unnecessary furniture. Excess furniture will make the room look stuffier. Therefore, you want to free up as much space as possible. Pick furniture with exposed legs as they do not block one’s view, and the floor appears larger.

Make Use Of Vertical Space: Making a room appear larger is all about tricking the eyes. Therefore, you may use the vertical space in a decorative manner and put clocks, picture frames, and more. You may even hang a small chandelier to draw attention to the ceiling if you have a high ceiling. Let the high ceiling work to your advantage to make the room look more spacious.

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