How to Maximize Returns in the Philippines Forex Market with Signals


Forex trading is a promising sector that yields good returns in the long run. The forex market is a favorite among many traders in the Philippines who enjoy exchanging, buying, and selling currencies at current prices. The Philippines is one of the developing countries where opportunities for forex trading are plenty. Being a fresh market for Philippines traders, more brokers are willing to join the market in order to gain a share by making money through forex trading. 

Traders based in the Philippines should note that the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines takes an adversarial step against trading activities due to heavy losses and fraud cases faced by retail traders. Nevertheless, the Philippines forex market still thrives as more traders join the market, realizing the potential for maximizing returns. Forex trading signals were created as a natural development and innovation in the financial industry. Forex signal providers effectively solve daunting trade activities by identifying the best trading opportunities at the correct time. 

This guide will focus on the Philippine’s forex market, the advantages of using forex trading signals, and how forex signals can be used in trading strategies.

Understand the Philippines Forex Market 

Trading foreign currencies in the Philippines has become a popular trading activity among the residents. While it is recommended that the Securities and Exchange Commission authorize forex brokers in the Philippines, many brokers operate without proper authorization and still accept traders. The SEC Philippines is the leading regulator of the financial markets and oversees capital markets. 

The Philippines forex market is open during three periods, including Tokyo’s Asian session, London’s European session, and New York’s North American session. Typically, the most beneficial period to trade forex in any country is when the forex market is most liquid and volatile. For Philippines traders, the New York and London sessions overlap, and it is considered to be the most significant time for forex trading due to high liquidity with EUR/USD and CAD/USD currency pairs. 

Although the trading exchanges run separately, they deal in the same currencies. Hence, there is more active trading in a particular currency when the exchanges in two different markets are open. The open exchanges in the forex market are instantly affected by the requests and bids on any one exchange. Due to this, the spreads tend to be narrow and volatility higher. Lastly, Philippines forex trading mainly has three types of markets – spot market, forward market, and futures market.

Advantages of Using Forex Signals 

Forex trading signals are alerts or notifications provided to forex traders to inform them about profitable trading opportunities. The forex signals service provides these alerts either automatically or manually, sent through different channels like email, social media platforms, or text messages. Forex signal providers help traders make better decisions and maximize their profits. 

There are many advantages of using forex signals. Sometimes, manual signals may take a lot of time to generate. Automated signals save time as the forex trading signal software does all the hard work of analyzing the market and finally identifying the best trading opportunities. Another big advantage of using forex signals is that it can take emotions out of trading activities since the trades are performed by software and are not influenced by human emotions. 

Lastly, automated forex trading signals are produced using current market conditions and historical data. This provides more consistency compared to manual signals, which are often subject to trader biases. The best trading signals have proved extremely useful for beginners or experienced traders who fail to perform technical and fundamental analysis properly.

How to Use Forex Signals in Your Trading Strategy 

Here is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to use forex trading signals in a trading strategy:

  • First things first, traders must start by choosing reliable forex brokers in the Philippines. Brokers that offer trustworthy platforms are secure to use as they have a good reputation in the market for their services. 
  • Choose reliable forex signal providers, this is where the challenge arises. Finding a reliable signal provider can be a Herculean task, with thousands of choices available for traders in the forex market. This is the most important step because executing forex trades based on wrong signals can lead to massive losses. 
  • Conduct detailed research about the available forex signal providers and choose the one with high reliability and reputation. It is important to learn about the provider’s strategies and performances. The chosen signal providers must also offer free trial periods to allow traders to familiarize themselves with the platform before investing real money.
  • With automated signals in trade strategies, traders can generally conduct backtesting to check how the software works in different market circumstances. 
  • In addition to this, testing the signal providers on demo accounts is recommended before risking any real capital. 
  • There are many trading platforms that provide high customization that can make a significant difference since only some signal providers will enrich the trading experience. A highly customizable platform will ensure that the traders can adjust their signals to their investment aspirations and objectives. 
  • Lastly, trading with foreign currencies can be both short- and long-term. Signals in the short-term are mainly used in intra-day and day trading, whereas long-term trade signals are used for several days. Note that the signals are highly time-dependent; hence, traders must ensure to use them properly as soon as they get them.


One must note the regulations of authorities regarding forex trading in the Philippines. Traders in the Philippines should understand that the Securities and Exchange Commission has taken a hostile position towards trading foreign currencies due to claims of large losses and fraud cases suffered by Philippines traders. Despite that, forex trading has gained tremendous momentum in the country as more traders join the market to earn to maximize their returns. It is best to use forex trading signals that are manually or automatically generated by experienced traders or software, respectively, using different tools to identify trading opportunities and market trends. 

The bottom line is that forex trading signals are useful for traders who want to make better trade decisions and maximize their returns. Nevertheless, note that trading in any market involves risks, so traders must seek financial advice before risking any real capital.

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