How to keep your business premises secure


Business owners have a responsibility to keep their premises and employees safe. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t take the necessary precautions to protect their companies, which can lead to losses in property or, even worse – such as loss of life.

There are several things business owners can do to help keep their premises safe. With this in mind, the following article will give you a thorough guide on how to keep your business premises more secure.

Create a security plan

The first step is to have a security plan in place. This plan should be based on a risk assessment and include what steps will be taken in the event of a robbery or other security incident. It’s also important to review the plan regularly and make changes as needed. Employees should be familiar with the plan and know what to do in an emergency. The security plan should also be tailored to the very specific needs of the business – that means taking into account the type of business, the location, and the hours of operation.

Install security cameras

One way to deter crime and help solve crimes that do occur is to install security cameras. Cameras can be placed inside and outside the business premises. They should be placed in strategic locations so that they can capture footage of any criminal activity. However, it’s also important to check the local laws before installing cameras. Some areas have laws that restrict where cameras can be placed.

Keep your premises well-lit

Another important step is to keep the premises well-lit; dark areas are prime targets for criminals. Ensure all entrances and exits are well-lit and that there are no hiding places around the property. Your employees should also be trained to report any suspicious activity they see, no matter how minor it may seem. Also, consider installing motion-sensor lights to deter criminals and help keep your property properly lit when people enter the premises.

Discourage loitering

Discouraging loitering can be done in a number of ways. The most effective are devices made by companies such as Mosquito Loitering Solutions. Once you have the device, all you need to do is place it in an area where you don’t want people to loiter. The device will emit a noise that only young people can hear, which will encourage them to move along and deter them from loitering around your property.

Hire security guards

If you have the budget, hiring security guards is a great way to keep your premises secure. Guards can patrol the property and deter criminals and also act as the first line of defense in the event of a crime. Be sure to hire reputable and licensed security guards and provide them with the training they need to do their job properly.

By following these tips, business owners can help keep their premises secure from criminals. The most important thing is to have a plan in place and to be proactive about security. Don’t wait until something happens to take action. By taking the necessary steps now, you can help keep your business, employees, and customers safe.

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