How to Ensure an Average Student Understands Physics Concepts Well


Physics is a very important branch of Science which deals with topics like matter, its motion, and behavior, energy, force, etc. It is one of the most fundamental units of Science and talks mainly about how the universe behaves. Thus for any student, it is important to study Physics in a manner that they understand well.

But the catch is that Physics is somewhat tough for most of the students. Many students find it extremely hard to study the subject. As a result, they by-heart answers for the exam rather than understanding the subject. Therefore it is recommended to ensure that the students, mainly the average ones understand the concepts very clearly.

  • A Great Foundation

Like any other subject, a very good foundation or base is needed to excel in Physics. Students need to make sure that they know the concepts very well so that they can apply them while answering questions. 

There are many equations, principles, theories, derivations, etc. in the subject which need to be understood very well. Thus, studying it very well is recommended. To make the process easy students can make flashcards or other learning materials like mind maps. By using these learning materials the process becomes easy and the interest to study increases. 

  •  Understanding everything

Just studying the equations, concepts, principles, etc. won’t work. They should be understood well enough. Students should be able to answer questions like, Why is this equation/concept used? How to use them? What result they will give? etc.

The derivations of each equation must be studied well. And for understanding the equations and concepts well, practice by solving questions. Understand the different ways they are used and how to use them. More and more practice can make the students thorough with these equations and concepts.

  • Maths Skills

Physics is a subject that is very related to Mathematics. For almost all of the solutions, derivations, etc. in Physics basic Mathematic techniques are needed. Therefore it is important to know the basics of Mathematics and be very well versed in solving Mathematical problems.

The most important topics in Mathematics that are needed for Physics are Calculus, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry. The knowledge in these subjects can help a lot and speed up the study of Physics.

  • Study in Parts

Physics as mentioned above is a subject that is somewhat hard to understand. The easiest way to study is to study in parts. Divide solutions or concepts into parts, understand and study each one of them, and then join them together to build one single answer. 

Similarly, concepts can be learned by connecting them to daily life incidents. This will make them relatable and easy to remember. Connecting a situation to a particular concept and how it will turn out to be can make the students understand the concept more.  

  • Learning Materials

Different learning materials can be used to make the process of studying the subject easy. Learning materials like drawings, pictures, graphs, etc. can be used. These materials help the students understand the subject more. Also, it will keep the concept fresh in minds of students.

It is recommended to study to draw the graphs and extra drawings which 

can be used while answering the questions. Sometimes in the question paper, there will be questions that specify the use of such a thing. It is also a great way to earn more marks.

  • Good Resources

The use of the best books will be a great help for your studies. This is not a point to note just for this subject but for everything you learn. If the sources are great, the outcome too will be good. Therefore, make use of good sources for studying Physics. For example, if the student is in 11th grade, Class 11 Physics NCERT Books are the best. Now other than just textbooks many reference books, guides, and even online resources are available.

The word resources don’t mean just the study materials. It can be your teachers, friends, seniors, etc. Students can take help from these groups of people and understand more. Studying in groups can also help very well as this will give the students an enthusiasm to study more. 

  • Live Classes

The maximum amount of learning happens in the classroom itself. It is very important to pay attention to the class and learn from there itself. For grasping more from the class it is recommended to prepare for the class before it. Students should go through the topic that is going to be taught the next day by skimming through the text. This will make them prepared for the class and help in better understanding.

Reviewing the notes after the class, and practicing questions from the topic are also recommended for a better understanding. 

  • Proper Revision

After studying do proper revision always. Go through everything many times. Revise everything not leaving even a single topic. While studying itself prepare for revision by making notes that are easy to understand. Revise by writing sown once again rather than reading. This will keep the content in the student’s mind for a longer period of time. 

Practice derivations, questions, mathematical questions, etc. many times. It is only through practice that students can perfect themselves in this field. Also, use question papers from previous years and practice with them. This will make the students understand the type of questions asked. 

While practicing make sure to check and re-check the answers. Checking the answers written by oneself will help rectify the mistakes very easily. Always double-check as mathematical problems can be a headache easily. 

  • Keep Consistency

Many students tend to leave their hope very early in the process while studying Physics. But don’t lose your hope rather keep on practicing consistently. The more one practices the more perfect they become. Thus try to perfect yourself in the subject by consistently trying.

If students are following all these steps in the process of studying it is sure that they can score very good marks in Physics. It doesn’t matter if they are poor at studies, average or excellent. With these steps, they can master the subject easily. 

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