NEET: Tips to crack test & what you should do during the exam


NEET is conducted by National Testing Authority to give admissions to aspiring students who want to become doctors. Students who aim to get admissions to the top medical colleges of India have to appear for the NEET exam. They have to study hard and use the proper strategies and tips to score high marks and a good rank in the exam. So, there is a tough competition, and students from all over the country register for the NEET exam. This article will help students to understand the tips and tricks that can help them to crack the NEET exam. 

Tips to crack NEET Exam

Students preparing for the NEET should add the right strategies to crack the exam. They have to create a study plan that can help them ace the exam. A few tips are given here that can help students to prepare for the exam and score high marks.

Start from the beginning

Candidates have to understand the syllabus prescribed by NTA for the NEET exam. They should search for the syllabus on the internet before they start preparing for the exam. They should consult various books and notes to complete the entire syllabus as soon as possible. It is important to understand the concepts of important topics and chapters to crack the exam. Students must use the NCERT books to prepare for the NEET exam. Students must study from the NCERT books thoroughly to prepare for the exam. Detailed information about all important topics and chapters is available in the books prescribed by the CBSE for classes 11th and 12th.  Make important notes and note down important formulas in a register to revise at the end moment. Also, students must not leave any topic unread because questions can be asked from any chapter and topic. 

Create an effective and productive timetable

Students need to be focused when preparing for the NEET. Therefore, students have to make a proper timetable. Making a timetable will help students to remain focused on their aim. An effective and productive timetable means that students can follow the timetable effectively to get productive results. Students do not have to study for 18-20 hours. This means if they study seriously for 8-10 hours a day, they can achieve their goal. Students must identify the weak and strong parts of the syllabus so that they can focus on their weaknesses. Students should try to spend equal time on each subject and they should study for 2-3 hours at a stretch and then take a break of 10-15 minutes. Students should make sure that they cover all topics and subjects in the timetable to finish entire the syllabus before the exam.

Regular practice for NEET preparation

Students must practice regularly to ace the NEET exam. Practice helps students to know the level of their NEET preparation. Students can find practice papers or sample papers on the internet where they can get a chance to solve numerous questions. This will help students to understand the format and type of questions that are asked in the exam. Students can mark the important points and weak points. They can practice a sample paper to increase their speed. Students should practice questions from every chapter so that they know which chapters are more important and need more attention. Students can go to NEET Sample Test Paper 1 to start practicing for the exam.

Practice full mock tests

Students should regularly practice full mock tests for the NEET preparation. This will help students to manage time and build confidence. Students can also analyze their preparation by giving full syllabus mock tests. Giving mock tests will help students to understand that some questions are repeated every year and they can practice such questions for the exam. 

Regular revision is an important strategy

Students must focus on regular revision of all important concepts and chapters. Regular revision is the key to achieve success. Therefore, students must focus on doing a regular revision of important topics. This will help students to gain more confidence and they can perform better in the exam. Students can find enough study material and practice papers to revise the entire syllabus. They can also use their notes to revise important topics regularly. Students must thoroughly revise important reactions, equations, formulas, derivations, and mechanisms. 

What should students do during the exam?

Students must know the important topics to cover for the exam so that they can focus on the important topics to score high. A few tips are given here that students must follow during the exam.

  • Students should start with the strongest subject first. This will help to enhance the confidence of the students and will also help them to manage time effectively. Students should start answering the easy questions first so that they can spend more time on the difficult questions later. This will keep them calm during the exam.
  • Students should close their eyes and should think about their preparation and should try to revise important formulas and concepts in their minds before starting the exam. 
  • If students do not know the answer to a particular question, they should skip it and move to the next question. They should not waste time thinking about a question. Students should not make guesses because there is negative marking for the wrong answer which will affect their performance and score. 
  • Students should not panic during the exam. They should keep themselves calm and should take a deep breath if they finish their exam early. Students should revise all questions if they have time left after finishing all questions. 
  • Students should make sure that they have attempted each section properly and they should try and answer enough questions in each section to score qualifying marks because students have to get qualifying marks in each section to get through the exam.

Thus, if students follow the above tips before and during the exam they can achieve their goal. Students must work hard and should choose the right path for scoring high marks.

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