How to Create A Personalized Gift Basket for the Holidays

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Gift baskets are thoughtful gifts around the holidays. They are versatile with so many options for preparing them based on the gift recipient’s personality and what items they like. Here are tips on how to create a personalized gift basket for the holidays.

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Pick a Theme By Thinking About What the Person Likes

Theming the gift basket makes the project so much more fun. Plus, they come out more beautiful presentation-wise.

Gamers will love new additions to their video game collection. Create a gift basket with two to three video games for the console they have, a gift card to their favorite game store, and maybe a new controller.

Perhaps the person likes to crochet. Grab a crochet needle set, four colors of yarn, and a cute crocheted animal from the store.

Maybe the gift recipient is a Netflix and chill kind of person. Give them a gift card with one to six months worth of Netflix subscription with a popcorn bucket, microwave popcorn, and some of their other favorite movie snacks.

Collect Information You Need

Get into a general conversation with your gift recipient. Express an interest in the theme you selected for their gift basket. Ask them what their favorites are if they already have certain things of an item, or how they are looking to expand their collection of something. Make mental notes of these answers so you can get the most thoughtful gifts for this person.

Time to Go Shopping

Now that you have collected that valuable information from the gift recipient, it’s time to go shopping. Shoot for shopping sooner rather than later in case you are having trouble finding specific products at different brick-and-mortar shops or online stores.

Find a Basket to Hold Everything

Finding the basket last is the best move so that you can get one that is big and sturdy enough to accommodate all the items that you purchased for the gift recipient. Getting a vessel too early on in the process could make for a disaster if you are not able to fit everything into it.

Wooden gift baskets are ornate and traditional. They add texture and a contrast of color to whatever is inside the basket. Plus, it looks earthy when you wrap it up in clear gift basket cellophane and tie it off with a large red bow.

However, you can use anything as a basket. If you have small items to give the person, a small square bin from your local dollar store filled with leftover basket grass from Easter can go a long way.

For example, a college student could really use an organizing cube for the dorm room. Utilizing the storage cube as the gift basket vessel is creative and thoughtful because they can use it to organize anything they want after receiving your gift.

Final Thoughts

Gift-giving can be very fun, especially when you see the person surprised at how well you listened to what they wanted. As you exercise your communication skills and creativity, finding the best gifts will become easier with every passing holiday.

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