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The BIGFlix website is a burgeoning movie site that has been making a lot of headlines lately. Not only has the website been releasing a slew of new movies, but it has also been closing down a number of its walk-in stores.

BIGFLIX has partnered with all the major Indian movie production companies

BigFlix is an Indian movie on demand (MOD) service that provides access to over 2000 HD movies in nine languages. It has partnered with major Bollywood and Indian production companies such as Disney, Viacom, Phantom and Dharma Productions.

The movie service is ad-free and offers users the option to stream or download movies. According to the company, BigFlix is one of the largest providers of on-demand entertainment in the world. There are over 3,000 titles on the platform and a three-month subscription costs Rs 50.

The company says it has over 3.9 million registered users worldwide. BIGFLIX is available in nine Indian languages, including Bengali and Hindi. While most films are available in English, the service also offers films in subtitles. In addition to Bollywood, BigFlix also features films from regional Indian filmmakers.

The company will launch in key markets such as the U.S., Canada and Australia. It also plans to launch in South Africa, Malaysia and the UAE.

BIGFLIX has closed down 100 walk-in stores

Earlier this year, BigFlix closed down some 100 of its walk-in stores, which is a colossal number in the movie industry, but not for the company itself. This is the same company that is looking to shake up its home video business with an online streaming service that will deliver personalised theatre experiences. The service, which will also compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, has a library of around 15000 movies in nine languages, with plans to grow that number. Those in the industry are optimistic about the company’s future.

Earlier this year, the company also jumped on the Internet-enabled mobile phone bandwagon, which has seen a dramatic increase in the number of 4G data users in India. The company has a long list of partners, including Samsung, Google, HTC and even Nokia. It is currently in the process of signing up logistics partners, and will begin its operations in earnest once they are done. However, analysts are skeptical about the company’s ability to scale up its operations. One of the most important factors in making a splash in the movie rental space is the high cost of distribution.


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