Foster Caring As A Family Affair And Its Benefits


Are you a novice foster carer or a newcomer to the world of foster care? Would you like to learn about the advantages of involving your entire family in your fostering journey? If yes, you will discover some useful pointers on how and why to make it a family affair. Do you undervalue your family? It is often effortless to underestimate how crucial your family is to you, isn’t it? Your dependable mother, your reliable father, your affectionate uncle Jack, your canine companion will be with you while grandma will pick you up from school, and spending time with your cousins will be enjoyable, and you all gather for Christmas, Eid, Diwali, or Hanukkah. We all do it, rely on our extended family, cherish them, share laughter with them, and bask in the warmth of belonging.

Your family has done everything possible for you

So, who witnessed your performance in that educational drama or cheered fervently when you sang  during the end-of-term musical event? Whom did you rely on when your son fell ill? Whom did you dial first when you received your scores, and which grandparent was there for you when ‘no one else seemed to comprehend’? Being part of an inclusive family is fantastic. It provides you with options, inspiration, empathy, and assistance. It helps you gain confidence, self-respect, and picks you up when you stumble. Do you recall the time when you ‘despised’ your father for being overly strict? Grandfather took you out for the day and engaged you in conversation. Together, you decided that dad wasn’t that bad after all, just not as proficient as Grandfather in clarifying things (and buying the occasional McDonald’s or other goodies).

Imagine life without parents?

In the event of a future emergency or an anxiety-inducing circumstance that starts to consume you, try picturing how you would handle it if you were completely solitary. How would you navigate a challenging choice without the assistance of a relative? What if there was nobody to celebrate your triumphs with or lend an ear when things went awry?

Grandparents do count

Similar to any household, elderly members can provide assistance and alleviate the burden when you are pressed for time, fatigued, or occupied with consultations with healthcare providers involved in your child’s treatment. Seek guidance from them and allow them to impart their knowledge, which can be a valuable means of involving them in the new bond forming with your child. A surrogate grandparent can function as a comforting intermediary between you and your child! As a person who is observing things from a slight distance, they can offer a beneficial outlook on a situation.

The real value of extended family

All these tactics are crucial elements of enabling your child to experience a sense of belonging within your family unit, rather than merely being someone you are caring for in lieu of their biological parents. By engaging your wider family circle in frequent communication, mutual hobbies and daily occurrences, you will observe your child gradually settling into the comfort of familial routine. As is the case with any household, there may be moments of friction and peculiarities, but overall your child will reap the rewards of customary family involvement. Do you believe that involving the entire family in foster care is a viable option? Applefostering’s foster care London branch will assist you in all ways and means.

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