Factors That Affect Move To A New Place


Moving to a new place depends entirely on your particular needs, budget and preferences. Still, there are a few factors that could affect your moving schedule like the weather conditions, budget among others. Knowing about these factors can help you save time, money and hassle.

It feels distressing when you have to cancel a move to a new place on the target day due to an uncertain reason. In this article, we will explain the key factors that could affect your move to a new place.

Key factors that could affect your move


People, who have a strict timeline to follow, plan a move on weekends which raises the demand and makes these days expensive and time-consuming to move. That’s why you must plan to move on a weekday to avoid traffic and save money.

Apart from days, the morning time of the day is more preferable as there is less traffic and you can shift on expected time. Moving in the middle of the month is a budget-friendly measure.


Summer is considered the peak moving season as more people look to sell their properties due to high demands. As a result, summer is also the most expensive season to move to a new place. During winters the weather gets harsh and snow and rain make it too dangerous to move to a new place. But the harsh weather conditions make this season the cheapest to move.

Fall and spring seasons are the most ideal season to move based on the weather conditions and expenses. The weather is pleasant during these seasons and lighter demands lead to reasonable expense.

Moving Company

As the need for professional movers increases, the expense and chances of fraud increase. To hire a good moving company with Best Moving Quotes, you must consider talking to 3-4 different companies.

Before hiring a moving company, make sure to check its licensing, insurance and other legal documents. Also, do not trust any verbal or online agreements as the companies can charge higher than estimates. You can rely on written agreements.

Moving companies work as local, long-distance and international movers. When you have to move under 50 miles, you should opt for local movers as they charge by hours and it would be less expensive for such a move. For farther distance, you should hire a long-distance moving company as they charge by distance and size of the belongings. For international moves, one should hire an international moving company. If you’re an older adult or senior citizen looking to move, senior moving services seattle can better help the physical and emotional aspects of relocation for you.

During the middle of the month, due to low demands, moving companies charge lower rates as compared to the beginning and end of the month. As summer is considered the peak moving season, moving companies charge higher rates due to high demands.


One of the most important factor that could affect your move to a new place is you budget. Moving in peak season, which is summer, is a big no from budget point of view. Summer is the holiday season and more people look to sell their properties due to high demands and better prices.

On the other side, the harsh weather conditions lead to low demands during winter. You can consider moving in winter season as the demands are low and you can get cheap prices. To no get overcharged, you must choose between a binding quote and binding not to exceed quote. You would not be charged higher if the weight or size of your belongings exceed the estimates with these quotes.


If you are moving with your family that has school-age children, consider moving during holidays. And what’s better than summer holidays as you may have an ample of time to move. Autumn season is also a suitable time for families to move to a new place.

Winter season has the worst weather conditions and it would not be the safest time to move for families. From the examinations point, families having children must avoid moving on March and April as it could disrupt their studies.

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