Cleansing the body by cleaning, whether it is a shower, wash your face with a cleansing gel เจลล้างหน้า  Exercise is another form of cleansing. It is a way to drive waste out of sweat by good health from Anti-Aging Exercise divided into 3 types, but we will talk about the type. Cardio or aerobic exercise

First of all, we should know that the heart of the Anti-Aging Exercise concept is how we exercise. In order not to be old, not diseased and to promote our health.

Our goal is to balance hormones in the body. Strengthen bones and muscles Including the ligaments and joints to be able to work well and not prematurely deteriorate Reduce body fat mass build muscle To help the body’s burning system better. Help balance the movement of the body. And finally, to have a better quality of life, sure enough.

Anti-aging exercises are actually exercises that are specific to each individual’s suitability. Or what we call Personalized Exercise. The reason for this is because each person has different physical conditions and health problems. Importantly, each person has different expectations from exercise. For example, some people want to exercise to lose weight. Some people want to exercise to strengthen their muscles. Or some people exercise for the treatment of existing diseases, for example.

Therefore, anti-aging exercise does not have a fixed pattern depending on the suitability and needs of each person. However, there are still 3 main types of exercise as mentioned above. Let’s see that. How does each type of exercise look like in the style of Anti-Aging Exercise?

Type 1 Cardio or aerobic exercise

This type of exercise is an exercise that we know well and that everyone can easily do, such as running, brisk walking, dancing, aerobics, swimming or cycling. The main goal is to stimulate our heart to beat faster. to pump more blood to the different parts of the body stimulate the respiratory system make the lungs work better Therefore, it is believed that this type of exercise is beneficial in terms of improving the functioning of the circulatory and respiratory systems.

The current general recommendation recommends doing this type of exercise 3-5 days a week for about 30 – 60 minutes at a time at a moderate intensity level. But if leaving with a heavy level It is recommended that you exercise about 3 days a week, 20 – 60 minutes each time, as appropriate for each person.

How do we know how much is an intensity level – light to medium? or how heavy it is

In terms of applying it in real life, it is recommended that we observe the level of our tiredness. If you are physically active and still talk enough in short sentences, it is considered moderate. But if you can only say a few words Then hurry to breathe during the exercise. It is considered a heavy level.

Another benefit of low- to moderate-intensity cardio exercise is that it’s the best way to burn excess fat in just 20 – 60 minutes a day. only and each time must exercise continuously

The recommended frequency is 5 days a week where you can change the type of exercise that is less important and less boring, such as going for a run some days. some days swimming The next day, they cycled alternately.

Exercising with this level of intensity – this is light, I think it is the time when our bodies will utilize the stored fat for energy the most. If you exercise more intensely, the energy source used will be converted to muscles.

Another important thing to know is Eating carbohydrate foods before and after exercise It is very important for people who want to lose fat or lose weight. Because it will result in the process of disintegration, it happens less. due to carbohydrates Foods (or starchy foods and sugars) that are eaten will raise insulin levels. to store excess sugar into cells resulting in reduced fat breakdown Especially foods in the carbohydrate group with a high glycemic index (High Glycemic Index), such as white bread, cookies, sugary drinks, soft drinks, milk and desserts, etc.

Therefore, if you choose to eat before exercise, you should choose a type that has a low glycemic index (Low Glycemic Index) and after exercise, people are starchy foods and foods that are high in sugar. Focus on eating clean protein foods such as skinless chicken, egg whites, fish, and fruits and vegetables. and drink enough clean water

However, cardio-only exercise may not be suitable for many people, such as the elderly. group with certain underlying diseases People who want to exercise to strengthen muscles or want to gain weight or people who are more tired than usual or have been diagnosed with or have symptoms similar to Adrenal Fatigue, as this can be made worse by strenuous cardio exercise. This will add more stress to the body (Physical Stress) and sure enough.


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