Eye Bag Removal Surgery Singapore: Is Eye Bag Removal Surgery Safe?


An eye bag removal surgery is a cosmetic surgery that aims to reduce the excess fat around the eyes. See how it’s done here: https://www.allureplasticsurgery.sg/scarless-eye-bag-removal-singapore/ . These are common in individuals who have developed bags under their eyes due to aging or weight loss.

The skin under your eyes is very thin, so it can tear easily, especially when stressed out. This causes dark circles, which are a hallmark of a tired, ailing individual.

In some cases, the bags under your eyes cause persistent discomfort as they can obstruct one’s vision. In addition, it is embarrassing, especially when you have to wear makeup, as you will be required to cover your dark circles with concealers either every day or once in a while, depending on how often you attend events.

These bags make an individual look less beautiful and even old. Therefore removing them improves your looks and restores your confidence which might have been eroded by stress and anxiety over time.

The other standout benefit of getting an eye bag removal surgery in Singapore is the improvement to your overall appearance. After the surgery, you will look good without any traces of tiredness on your face. You won’t have to worry about dark circles or to look old, particularly when you are attending important events that need a lot of confidence.

Can Eye Bag Surgery Go Wrong?

As with other types of cosmetic surgeries, there are some risks associated with this procedure that might make it go wrong. Some individuals who undergo the operation end up having very noticeable scars around their eyes which can be permanent, whereas other cases still result in uneven bags under one’s eyes.

This makes someone who underwent the operation look older compared to how they looked before they underwent the surgical process. Furthermore, there are cases where an individual’s skin does not heal well after the surgery and ends up having a bump on their skin which can be very noticeable and embarrassing.

How to Minimize Risks of Complications from Eye Bag Removal Surgery

Even though this surgery has some risks associated with it, you can minimize the effects by only going for the procedure once you’ve been confirmed to be a good candidate for eye bag removal surgery in Singapore. To be confirmed as a good candidate, you will have to meet specific criteria based on factors like your medical condition/history, your lifestyle, and/or the kind of job you are involved in. For example, this treatment may not be ideal for you if;

  • You are not healthy enough to undergo this procedure
  • You smoke or drink regularly
  • You have allergies that cause you to sneeze excessively and tear frequently
  • You work in a job where you are exposed to hazardous materials such as chemicals, which might trigger undesirable outcomes after the surgery.

Before embarking on the eye bag removal surgery, get confirmation from your healthcare provider that you can take part in it and, if possible, get referred to a specialist who will go through intricate details with you and explain what to expect before, during, and after the process. This way, you will realize that nothing is left out, which might cause some information to be lost along the line leaving one confused and even alarmed at times, and this should be avoided.

Inform your surgeon about every other medication (over-the-counter or herbal) or supplement that you are using so they can advise whether it is safe for use after the surgery. Finally, you need to take care of yourself before and after this surgery, as recovery from such procedures can take longer, especially if there are complications. Ensure that you eat healthy food and engage in regular exercise and avoid alcohol during this time so that you will recuperate fast and avoid complications.

You can further reduce your risks of complications by conducting good research about your preferred surgeon before going ahead with the procedure. As a general rule, your plastic surgeon must;

  • Be board-certified: This is the best way to ensure that an individual is competent in their work. Board certification means that they have undergone many years of training and testing before being given this certification by the relevant board, which goes a long way in assuring you about their expertise.
  • Be experienced: You can determine how much experience your preferred surgeon has by asking how many eye bag removal surgeries they have done (for both other people and yourself). Experience does not only make one better at what they do, but it also enables them to know things like; what could go wrong during the surgery, how to handle such instances, what makes an operation successful, among others. Therefore choose someone who has done at least five surgeries (if possible even more) before to minimize the risks of complications post-surgery.
  • Show you previous patients’ results: This will give you an idea about how good your preferred surgeon is at carrying out eye bag removal surgeries. It is ideal that your plastic surgeon shows you photos of people who have undergone eye bag removal surgery in Singapore before you so that you get an idea of whether their outcome was better or worse than what you had in mind. If possible, speak to these individuals and ask them about their experiences with the doctor they went to for eye bag removal surgery which will give more insight on how things work here, making it easier for you to decide on the best surgeon to choose for yourself.

Also, ensure that any recommended medical facility where eye bag removal surgery is supposed to be conducted is accredited and has quality reviews. This way, you will know that they use the latest and most effective techniques and that; they also ensure that their patients’ safety is given priority. Some of these reviews can be found online on websites such as Google, so read them to gain insight into how others feel about this place hence using it as a basis for your decision-making process.

In Closing

An eye bag removal surgery can be very beneficial, especially when you want to look fresh and well-rested all the time without having to go through makeup regimes whose effects don’t last long. Even though there are some risks associated with this procedure, in most cases, they are minor and not severe enough to change the entire outcome of the surgical process. If you meet the criteria, you will be a good candidate for the surgery, so talk to your health care provider and see what they have to say.

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