Dust Blower Buying Guide in Kenya


Whenever deposits of whatever litter find their way onto object surfaces of say glass and ceramics, there is need for cleaning. The exercise has got to be efficient to achieve proper results. This article introduces and outlines the dust blower, an electric device used in the removal of dust in hidden spots that are not accessible by a piece of cloth. Various nitty-gritty issues coming into play are covered as well.

Dust Collector Types available in Kenya

The various available types are courtesy of specific tailored purposes. Among these covered below are those suitable for wet surfaces, dry and slightly moist and muddy ones among other conditions. Such uses coupled with location, define their prices both in retail and wholesale. The choice of the most appropriate type varies from scale of operation- whether for domestic or industrial use. Following is a list of common ones in Kenya.

  • Unit Collectors
  • Wet Scrubbers
  • Inertial Separators
  • Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Fabric Filters

A good example of an electrical device highlighting dust blower price in Kenya is a light duty dust blower available and used all over the country. It is as shown in the picture below.

Factors dictating the price of a dust blower in Kenya

For any individual interested in acquiring the services of a dust blower for uses best known to them, their tailored requirements are very dear for consideration. The most considered ones include the following.

Impact on the environment

Electric blowers that emit noise in a relatively low level are generally cheaper than the more complex ones and is recommended. Lighter blowers are known to emit less noise, hence placing them on the low on the noise pollution ranks.For this reason, continuous use of such devices for a long time does not inconvenience those going about their errands around.


Blowers that are relatively lighter in weight are known to run for long and to depict low power consumption than heavier ones and the same applies to their prices. Therefore, lighter ones are opted for to perform light tasks as opposed to heavier ones that are also more expensive to purchase and maintain.

Work Volume

For light and small duties, simple handheld blowers are recommended since they can run for long without having to consume more power as it is with large and sophisticated ones. Heavy duties require more power to operate and are consequently heavier than smaller handheld ones.Their prices as expected vary remarkably and this feature has got to be considered before contemplating purchase.

Power Consumption and Capacity

Smaller and lighter dust blowers are on record to consume relatively little power vis-à-vis large and sophisticated ones. Where electricity supply is not accessible, users have got to opt to simple blowers. Simple blowers have their recharge done possibly and more readily before a task at hand proceeds.


For an efficient and proper riddance of dust and debris from objects’ surfaces that are not otherwise reached by the normal cleaning procedures, dust blowers have timely sprung to action. Powerful air blowers are necessary for quality work. A computer dust blower, as illustrated above, can be used both as a vacuum cleaner and blower, hence economical for purchase.

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