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Meat processing industries, butcheries, and sometimes even homes will have meat cutting machines of one type or another.  Various factors determine the prices of these machines. With meat cutting machines, the size of the machine does matter. Whether the machine is manually or electrically operated is also another factor to consider. Read further into this article to discover how these prices vary.

When it comes to processing meat, the traditional butcher’s knife will not do. Industrial concerns producing large quantities of various meat products need to have equipment able to cut large quantities of meat quickly and at the same time retain the texture of the meat product. Meat processing plants, restaurants, and homes all require meat cutting equipment and there are various types specially designed for each of these places. The price of the meat cutting machine will primarily depend on the specific design of the machine and secondarily on the brand. The following are some of the common types of meat cutting machines available in Kenya, ranging from those intended for home use and those for commercial use.

Multipurpose Electric Meat Chopper

With a capacity of just 2 litres, this is the smallest meat cutting machine readily available in the Kenyan market. The machine has 2 sharp stainless steel blades which will efficiently cut through beef, pork, and fish. The machine weighs less than half a kilo and will go for a price of about  Ksh 2,000.

Meat Mincer

The meat mincer is used for fine chopping, more commonly referred to as mincing meat. A lot of the meat mincers seen in small Kenyan butcheries are manually operated whereby a hand wheel squashes the meat. An electric motor can replace the handwheel for a more efficient operation. These meat mincers can weigh up to 3 kg and cost about Ksh 6000.

Commercial Butchers Meat Grinder

This machine will effortlessly produce up to 150kg of meat for sausages, hamburgers, and meatloaf. Strongly built to withstand heavy-duty use, the commercial meat grinder weighs around 12 kg.  The machine is easy to operate and maintain. This meat cutting machine price in Kenya hoovers close to the Ksh 30,000 range but most sellers of the machine will be ready to offer discounts.

Bone Saw Meat Cutting Machine

This sturdy meat cutting machine is suitable for cutting through meat with bones, frozen meat,  poultry, and fish. The machine has a built-in grinder which makes processing meat fast and easy. The machine also has a front access panel which makes cleaning convenient. Easier cleaning is further facilitated by having all the electrical parts getting housed at the back of the machine. Visit the site: wapking

The upright design of the machine  (see picture above) minimizes the space taken. The machine weighs 32 kg.

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There are many types of meat cutting machines available in Kenya but the above brief description summarizes the types marketed by most suppliers in the country. Apart from the brand, which is a big factor in determining the bone saw machine price in Kenya, the functional use of the machine will also be a factor.

Meat cutting machines designed for home use will tend to be small and hence less expensive, unlike the commercial versions which will be big and correspondingly more expensive.

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