Deodorants: Why go natural?


Deodorant is as essential as the air one breathes. People rely on it to get them through their gym sessions and panic sweats to stay odour-free. The pitfalls (pun fully intended) of conventional deodorants range from irritation to long-term health risks. But before one eschews deodorants altogether, remember that the best natural deodorant in 880  can help deal with the issue without any nasty side effects.

Reasons to switch:

Human beings have sweat glands for a purpose. They are meant to sweat. It benefits health in general. Although the very thought of sweating makes people uncomfortable because it looks and smells gross, one should not forget the reason behind seating. It is the body’s mechanism to regulate temperature and release toxins. Both are crucial functions.

Antiperspirants in the market today are laced with a high quantity of harmful chemicals. They work by clogging the pores and obstructing the release of sweat. They do not allow the body to release it and cool the body down naturally. This reason is behind their naming. Add to this the fact that they are practically useless in preventing body odour.

One should remember that sweat does not smell bad by itself. It is only a combination of water and salt. What creates the odour is when this comes in contact with bacteria. The bacteria live on the skin and thrive on moisture. One can easily change the reaction with natural deodorants.

Chemical Deodorants and Diseases:

When used by women especially, antiperspirants can be harmful if they penetrate the skin near the breast. They influence the production of hormones and estrogen.

Breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, have both proven to be associated with aluminium compounds. These toxic metals are often found in mainstream deodorants. Some of the chemicals can also cause infertility.

Time to go Natural:

Natural deodorants in Australia, on the other hand, benefit the skin. They contain entirely organic ingredients sourced locally and sustainably.

They do not clog pores which means that the beneficial bacteria can exist without causing a foul smell. So even if one does not wear the deodorant, they still would not smell bad. Armpits free of irritation enable a much closer shave. One does not have to lose their peace over yellow stains appearing on their favourite white t-shirts.

Certain ingredients like witch hazel, for instance, soothe razor burn and help shrink pores.

How to Switch:

Going ‘au naturale’ for a few days as a process of testing the waters is a wise way to begin. When one quits using chemical-laden antiperspirants, the body will slowly expel the toxins. This shift may irritate initially, as they do not combine well with the natural ingredients in these natural deodorants.

Ingredients to look for:

Consider ingredients like coconut oil, Jojoba oil, lavender, tea tree, and other essential oils. Choose a favourite fragrance available naturally. Each of these components serves a specific function. Some have moisturising properties. Others have a pleasing scent.

Along with using the best natural deodorant in 880, also take good care of the underarms otherwise. Exfoliate once a week using a loofah or mixes like baking soda.

It is not wise to ditch deodorants altogether(for the sake of fellow human beings and self). Instead, it is better to shift to natural alternatives that do not cause any harm. There is always an option out there for those who prefer nature’s way.

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