That said, choosing to paint a dark tone for the house รับสร้างบ้านสระบุรี Became a new trend that is popular in today’s era. Because dark tones look and feel more comfortable than light colors. In addition, if there are dirt stains caused by rain, dust will be stains that are not clearly visible. Makes care easy Can be decorated with different styles perfectly. Help adjust the look of the house to look cool and modern, thus liking the lifestyle of the new generation. who seeks a clear identity for life

3 techniques to decorate the house in dark tones, how to be perfect

1. Gradient tones to be mellow

It is a neutral option suitable for houses that live together in several generations, because if you choose a tone that is too dark, it may not be very appealing to the elderly. Choosing a mellow dark tone Paired with light shades will help make the home look warm and create a beautiful dimension. The distinctive feature of the dark color will help the house look deep. Therefore, designers prefer to paint dark colors on the inner walls. will help the house look deeper and wider

The inner wall is darker than the outer layer. gives the house a dimensional look

The gradation of dark tones, neutral grays, dark grays and browns, while adding the highlight of the woodwork. The dark color will make the woodwork stand out even more and blend in with the decorative stone walls.

2. Dark, bright, like contrast

Add a little more sharpness By extracting the potential of the contrast between dark and light tones, which will add a distinctive look to the house. The most popular colors for this approach are black and white, representing the yin and yang energy that helps balance the home. The decoration may choose to paint alternately for each floor, such as black upper layer, white lower layer, or choose to paint according to the shape of the building.

3. intense, fierce

Ended up with a fierce look to find. with the whole house in dark black tones This home decoration approach is perfect with clear glass work and warm lighting. And will be perfect for Modern, Minimal style homes that focus on design with simple lines. Do not make the house look too crowded. and to achieve fit If the outside is dark after all. Inside, the mood of the house should be adjusted to look bright with light tones. It will help bring balance in living.

Add a balcony with wooden floors.

Many of you bought houses in the housing project. The project made a balcony. But in the end it turned into an empty area trapped in dust. not fully utilized As a result, the area becomes a dark corner instead of the family’s resting corner with full efficiency. The placenta also becomes a habitat for insects or disease-carrying animals. This content is therefore a collection of new design guidelines or improvements to the existing balcony to be useful. It can be used more in real life.

Why the balcony is unusable

From the survey found Houses in most housing projects are spaced around the house, only 2 meters on each side, in accordance with the legal distance. This makes the distance between the house and the neighbors very little. When going out to use it, it doesn’t feel private. The more if you go out and there is nothing to look at, the sun is hot, the use will not happen. So if anyone is thinking of renovating the balcony area or adding a new one, try applying these 5 guidelines. I can assure you that An empty balcony can become a favorite corner.

5 ways to add a balcony to be useful

Explore the direction of sunlight on the balcony.

The weather in Thailand is mostly hot and humid. If the balcony is in the wrong direction, it will definitely not be used. For the direction that is suitable for the balcony area, suggest north or inferior to east. Due to the average geography of Thailand The sun will rise on the east side and round the south. As a result, the north side was shaded from the house for most of the day. Even if the balcony is not covered with a roof, you can still get a cool shade.

But of course, not every home can have a balcony on the north side. If the balcony needs to be in the other direction, it is recommended to add a sun roof as well. By adding a roof or any equipment should consider the separation of the structure from the original structure. to prevent the load on the original structure being very heavy Or if you want to add to the original structure of the house, you should consult an engineer as well.

open the balcony door What did you find out?

If the balcony meets a window opening or a neighbor’s relaxation zone Wouldn’t want to go out and use it, right? Because both him and us will feel private. giving the impression that someone is staring Or some houses have opened and found only abandoned areas around the fence. would lose the enjoyment of a good rest In order for the balcony to be practical, it is necessary to have something to look at.

If the house is in a natural area with sea views, mountain views, the decision to build a balcony is a no-brainer. But most of the houses live in the city. Plus the land is still narrow Making a balcony is necessary to decorate the atmosphere at the same time. If the house has a distance of 3 meters or more, perennial plants can be planted. To allow the trees to be both shaded and create a relaxing visual perspective. But if the distance is as small as 2 meters, blocking the visual boundaries by using camouflage materials such as wooden slats will add privacy to the house. very well It also helps to create a good shade.

The door invites you to go out and use it.

Another reason why the balcony is not in use. That’s because when inside our house we can’t see it. Especially the houses 15-30 years ago, in that era, the glass panes were not widely spread. Balcony doors are popular with small wooden doors like bedroom doors. The rest are solid walls or have small windows to let in only enough light.

If at any point you want to make a balcony At that point, glass doors should be made together as well. It is designed to have the total width of the door leaf equal to the width of the balcony. This will make the space inside and outside connect into the same area, making the space more usable. would be an invitation to go out and touch It will increase the hours of use as well. The recommended door may be a sliding glass. or bloom

Touch surfaces are important.

Most of the house projects make a balcony with concrete or tiled floors, which will look hard and not relaxing. Try replacing the surface with natural materials such as wooden floors, which are now available in both real wood floors. And wooden floors from other alternative materials will help the overall look of the balcony look warm, relax, and more pleasant to sit. For example, SCG Decor floor plank, T-Clip model, gives the surface a splinter pattern like real wood flooring. Finished paint from the factory So you don’t have to worry about the craftsmanship. Along with the design to be easy to install with a clip lock system. The floor surface will not see the screw head marks. The material is made of fiber cement. So you don’t have to worry about termites. Sun resistant, rain resistant, can be used for a long time.

Don’t be so quick to add a balcony. Check the structure to be sure first.

read to this point Don’t be impatient and rush to add the balcony. Because relaxation must always come with safety. If someone’s house has the same balcony but rarely use it It is recommended to make further improvements according to the recommended guidelines above. But if any house wants to add more The first thing to assess is structural work.

For the addition of the ground floor decking, it is recommended to use a concrete pouring slab structure on the ground. This structure will allow the original soil to support the weight. Important points need to be spaced, it is forbidden for the decking to be connected to the beams of the former house. Otherwise, the balcony structure will cause the house structure to crack or collapse. In case of soft soil may be strengthened with hexagonal piles. or steel needle But how much to increase the number or specification, should consult an engineer or specialist to evaluate the work first.

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