Natural and synthetic women’s wigs: the main differences


The first point to be taken into consideration when purchasing a wig is whether it is made with natural or synthetic threads, as each one has its own characteristics. In short, it can be said that the threads worked on the market today are divided into three groups, namely:

  • REAL NATURAL: it is made from genuine human hair carefully selected by the Hifi team, which can have its color modified. It can be exposed to the heat of the dryer, flat iron and curling iron, allowing different hairstyles and models to be made.
  • IMPORTED: it is an industrialized and processed model, a little heavier and that tends to tangle a little more than the real natural yarn. Its color can be changed, but it is recommended to do a strand test before and, when cutting, the ideal is to always choose to re-peat it, to avoid marks. Because it is processed, it does not look 100% like human hair.
  • SYNTHETIC: they have no resemblance to natural hair, being more common in wigs for character characterization, because of the unnatural shine they have.

The choice, however, should be made according to your need. With regard to natural wigs, there are several characteristics that differentiate them from synthetic models, as shown below:

  • They are made from hair strands, as the name suggests, allowing for a huge variety to be taken into consideration when choosing. The manufacturing process starts with the purchase or donation of hair, which can come from different here for  more : 8xfilms
  • The care to be taken is the same that should be given to any hair. This mainly includes the use of specific shampoos and conditioners and other sporadic products such as fixatives to keep the hairstyles longer. It is noteworthy that, because they are natural, the threads are not damaged with the use of flat irons and dryers, and it is only necessary to be careful not to pull them too much.
  • Everything natural inspires more confidence and quality, and wigs are no different. And this directly affects its value, making a natural wig relatively more expensive than a synthetic one as it presents more freedom in relation to equipment that emits heat. Synthetic female wigs, however, also have their attractions, and we’ll talk about them below.

Synthetic wigs – when and for whom are they right

When talking about synthetic female water wave wig, it is common to think of extremely cheap models, easily found in many stores. These, despite still being found on a large scale, were gradually being replaced by more modern versions, which do not have as much shine and inferior quality. When talking about this type of yarn, specifically, we have the following characteristics:

  • Unlike the old model, the synthetic yarns sold today do not emit the much feared excessive shine.
  • They can be washed normally with shampoo and conditioner and even stored in their original packaging.
  • The relatively low value does not necessarily mean that the quality is inferior and that the synthetic wig will have poor durability.

Because it has a lower value, it is widely used for characterizing different characters, including cosplayers, who often even have a collection of wigs for costumes. To serve this market, ULA Hair provides an exclusive studio for producers and makeup artists to perfect their compositions for television commercials, theater plays and various purposes.

For those who need a wig for aesthetic purposes, it is still an option, but less advantageous than the semi-natural model, discussed in the next topic.


Women’s semi-natural wigs – an option for those who want to save money

Created from a very high quality synthetic yarn developed exclusively by ULA Hair, the semi-natural wigs are designed for people who need to use the accessory for a specific period of time, but without neglecting quality and without having to make large investments. This model combines quality and economy, as it is relatively cheaper than the others and extremely discreet. However, it cannot be exposed to heat from flat irons and dryers, nor to chemicals, in addition to being careful with sweat so that it does not suffer changes.

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Its great advantage is being similar to the color and movement of a natural hair and not losing its modeling after washing, having a much more affordable cost than the models that are actually natural, even with so many benefits. This is the best-selling product in our studio, however, as we have already emphasized, it is essential to keep in mind what your real need is, as it is not a suitable wig for anyone.

Who are they for?

If you want, nothing prevents you from buying a semi-natural headband wig human hair, but there are some points to be taken into consideration, and that’s what we’re talking about when it comes to indicating the best model for each client. Some of them are:

  • It is an extremely high quality wig, however it is not made of natural threads and, therefore, it has its caveats, as mentioned above.
  • Its price, although attractive, matches its quality level. It’s an affordable product, but it doesn’t meet the needs of those who need to wear a wig for the rest of their lives.
  • It was developed by our team to help those who lost their hair temporarily and therefore need a wig, but do not intend to invest that much.

Therefore, they are made and indicated for people who are victims of some disease or other problem that leads to temporary hair loss. Cancer patients, for example, who need chemotherapy sessions, see in the semi-natural wig an opportunity to go through the process without losing self-esteem, as the model resembles natural hair and does not have a high cost, making the purchase worthwhile.

ULAhair is the best website where you can get 100% virgin human hair. We have our own factory in China from where, we supply our hair bundles to our clients within 2 to 5 working days through Fedex or DHL.

  • Our lace match with a wide series of skin tones so that you can choose one for you easily.
  • We provide pure virgin hair – Less shedding/tangling
  • All the hair are washed and cared well and gently so you will not get any stinky smell.

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