Can I Use Valerian Root and Kratom Together?


There is a plethora of anecdotal evidence available on the health care market when it comes to herbal supplements. Many individuals are interested in learning more about Valerian Root and Kratom, two plants that are often asked about. Not only are these clients interested in using these herbs individually, but some are also interested in learning if it is feasible to mix them.

The best method to address any concerns about herbal supplements is to always speak with your medical practitioner first. Their advice on items that the FDA does not regulate is the only kind of counsel you may lawfully get from a professional.

Let’s take a deeper look at valerian root and buying kratom capsule products to better understand what they are and what they can do for you.

Properties of Kratom

It is a tall tree that grows in tropical parts of Southeast Asia and is known as kratom. Mitragyna speciosa is the scientific name for this plant, which alludes to the alkaloid mitragynine, the primary active ingredient. The alkaloids in kratom (mitragynine, 7-hydroxy mitragynine, and more than 20 additional alkaloids) operate on the neurological system and bind to opioid receptors in the brain, providing a sedative effect. On the other hand, this truth should not be seen as surprising.

At least in comparison to opioids, kratom does not produce respiratory depression, which is a contributing factor to overdose fatality in many instances, and the danger of addiction is nearly non-existent. Additionally, as a result of this action, kratom produces effects that are comparable to those of opioids and opiates, making it an effective treatment for:

  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Symptoms of opiate withdrawal
  • Lack of concentration
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You can do some research to know which kratom strains are effective for you and get the benefits. Kratom is indeed a potent supplement. Many sufferers of depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia and chronic pain or arthritis have found it to be a godsend. And it’s helping a lot of people trying to overcome their addictions.

Properties of Valerian Root

Originally from Europe and Asia, the Caprifoliaceae family’s Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is a perennial herb. Valerian’s active compounds are largely found in its roots, which include alkaloids, essential oils, and other substances with calming and analgesic qualities.

Valerian root is one of the most often used natural therapies for sleeplessness and anxiety. In reality, the root of valerian was used for sleeplessness in Ancient Greece and Rome (nearly 3,000 years ago).

The active ingredients in valerian root work similarly to benzodiazepines in that they both stimulate the release of the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which reduces neural excitability. Consequently, valerian root works wonders for anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness. Of course, the adverse effects of valerian root are less severe than those of benzos (and they are not dangerous). Also, unlike benzos, valerian has no potential for addiction. Valerian root also contains analgesic characteristics and has euphoric effects, which may boost your mood. Valerian root is also useful for alleviating pain and depression because of these qualities.

Can I Mix Kratom and Valerian Root?

Yes, you may combine kratom with valerian root. Many kratom users claim that their kratom’s calming benefits are multiplied by combining these two drugs. The euphoric qualities of these plants also contribute to a better sense of well-being. However, some users believe that mixing kratom with valerian root does not improve their experience.

It goes without saying that the only way to find out whether kratom and valerian root work together is to give it a try for yourself. However, if you decide to give this combination a try, you should remember that both products have comparable effects on the nervous system and should be used with care. Because of this, mixing them might result in undesirable side effects.

Best Kratom Strains to Mix with Valerian Root

Another consideration is the kratom strain you want to combine with the valerian root. White kratom strains are more refreshing and stimulating; thus, they aren’t ideal for relaxation or sleeplessness. Green and red strains of kratom are the most recommended for combining. Green strains are the finest for achieving euphoria while also having relaxing and analgesic effects.

Red strains, without a doubt, provide the most strong calming effects and are also the greatest for pain relief. However, if you want to combine red kratom and valerian root, you must use extreme caution while administering the dosage. This combination has the potential to cause sedation and sleepiness.

For some people, combining kratom with valerian root is ineffective. However, if it works for you, you’ll be able to take lesser dosages of kratom and may even be able to postpone and diminish your tolerance to the substance.

How to Mix Kratom and Valerian Root

The dose is the first thing to consider when combining kratom with valerian root. Valerian root and kratom have calming properties that may be sedative in excessive dosages. It is thus preferable to ingest modest amounts of both products to prevent sleepiness and sedation. Furthermore, kratom has some of the same negative effects as valerian root, such as nausea, headaches, and dizziness, which is another reason to start with a low dosage.

When utilising valerian root with kratom, you must also determine how and when to take it. Valerian root is available in capsules, tinctures, and even tea form. Most customers favour tincture over capsules since it is stronger and tastes awful. When it comes to taking the valerian root, some people take it 40–45 minutes before taking kratom. However, the majority of them combine them and devour them at the same time.


In greater quantities, kratom acts as a sedative, while it acts as a stimulant in lesser amounts. By supplementing Kratom’s activity, Valerian root improves it. As a result, Valerian root pills or Valerian tinctures may be used with Kratom capsules or tinctures. You may also prepare a tea using valerian root and Kratom powder.

Both of these plants have distinct effects on the body. Before making a purchase, you must first comprehend what each has to offer. To be on the safe side, never use drugs and herbs at the same time. Always be with your doctor before taking any action. You’ll only find anecdotal evidence when looking into valerian roots with kratom.

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