Many people push themselves to the extreme at the gym. They work out and exhaust all their energy, hoping to get a corresponding muscle increase. However, many athletes do not feel like the results correspond to their effort at the gym.

In other words, it gets to a point when most bodybuilders feel like they have reached a plateau. While this is common and normal, there are hacks with which you can navigate this stage. All it takes is working smarter, not harder.

Working smarter involves a couple of adjustments in your lifestyle and workout routines. Here are seven ways you can boost your workout performance for optimum results.


There is no rule against using some external supplement to improve your performance while working out. Full spectrum thc + cbd oil is one such natural supplement that can lift your spirit and mood, and you give your best in the gym.

It is a derivative from the cannabis Sativa plant and can address various side effects of working out. It can reduce fatigue and deal with pain so that you can give your best in the gym, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD can also support muscle repair and recovery, making you give your best at the gym.

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Have Time for Recovery

When repeated training damages your muscle, you will adapt muscularly. This will lead to muscle repair, increasing size and strength. For the next 48 hours after your exercise plan, your body is working hard to recover. The inability of the body to fully recover will lead to slow progress.

Rest and sleep are primal to such recovery. Sleep provides the perfect channel for such recovery operations to occur. While sleeping, the immune function comes up, alongside the secretion of growth hormone and androgen, which comes together to repair such muscle. Sleep also helps with the repair of the nervous system.

To maximize your workout result, aim for optimum sleep every night to maximize your workout result –seven hours or more per night.

Find a workout partner.

Working with a partner is another way to spice things up. You will likely get a better result if you work out with a partner. Such people can keep you accountable and motivate you to improve your performance.

The right training partner will encourage you to have more spots and reps to vary your workout.

Gradually increase the Weight.

One of the ways to improve your workout plan is to gradually increase your resistance or weight. You need not start at peak weight to avoid overwhelming your body due to exhaustion.

This means you need to build up enormous challenges with the sets slowly. With this, building muscle will be possible without depleting your energy reserves. When having a jump-up for weight, start small and increase it in multiples of 5 or 10 pounds.

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Vary Your Workout every Couple of Weeks

Plateau and muscle memory are common with every bodybuilder. This happens when the body starts getting used to the stress it encounters. Such stress could come from your time in the gym, like running, lifting weight, and other exercise regimens. Muscle memory is responsible for mastering some movements after doing them many times. However, doing the same workout many times might not help in the long run.

When you confuse your muscles with a series of exercises, you get incredible results. As a result, consider varying your workout every couple of weeks. Do this, especially when you notice that your body is already used to the drills and routines.

Proper selection of food at the right time

The importance of food in workout performance cannot be overemphasized. For the best result, an athlete needs to be selective in the choice of foods. Junks and fast food should be off your menu, and you can’t eat what pleases you and expect a perfect result.

As a result, you need a specific meal plan tailored to your body and exercise needs. Foods play various roles in the body, depending on the consumption time. Your food can be targeted towards recovery or power you through your time in the gym.

At the basic level, all athletes need a healthy breakfast. Such a meal can prevent muscle catabolism and give your metabolism the jumpstart it needs. People who do not like eating breakfast consider eating a small portion when they wake up before graduating with a full meal.

Your meal should also be able to power you through the workout. While carbs are energy-giving foods, you also need protein to prevent muscle catabolism during an intense workout.

Get the Right Music

The right music can also put you in the mood for an effective workout. Music appeals to different emotions in humans. People turn to music when happy, sad, emotional, angry, etc.

Consider having your playlist to unleash the beast in you to train hard. Put together various motivating music, and get a solid headphone. Hit play and let the music lift your spirit to give your best to the workout.

Choose various genres of music like classic rock, rap, speed metal, or whatever keeps you going. You have found the right music when you keep nodding your head without much care about who is looking at you.

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As long as you know what to do, improving workout performance is possible. Try a couple of the tips recommended here, and you will be amazed at the positive influence on your workout performance.


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