Website Optimization Tips for Lead Generation


Optimizing your website for lead generation is simple. But, not as simple as clicking on a button! Rather, led gen optimization services to follow a strategic approach. Here are some ways to optimize your website to generate leads.

However, first, you should know what a lead generation process is. The lead generation practice commences when a visitor on your site clicks on Call-to-Action placed on your web page. It brings them a landing page. And, after the visitor fills the form, they are preceded to a thanks page!

Ways for optimization of a website for lead generation

1. Add forms that harness the highest traffic

Make sure you benchmark your present lead generation status before you can track the success of the improvements. Some pages may be remarkable lead generators, and you may not know it. Some of them are:

  • Email marketing: Visitors may be users clicking through your web page from your mails.
  • Social media: Visitors may be users engaged in one of your social media profile campaigns.
  • Live chat: Visitors may be users coming from your live chat window.
  • Blog posts: Visitors may be readers of your blogs.

After you know where your leads are coming from, you should create a landing page as per their interest.

2. Assess your lead generator performance

Find out how your lead generator contributes to your websites through a Website Grader. It will assess your lead generation resources and offer feedback to enhance your present content.

You can also compare good landing pages with poor landing pages. Find out how the two landing pages differ and optimize the poor one accordingly to the better one.

Assess the landing page visits, clicks on CTA, and shares of Thanks page to know which perform the best and make more of that.

3. Optimize all steps of the lead generation procedure

If you have blog for lawn care, don’t link it to an offer for snow clearing consultation. Always keep your pages related to capitalizing your visitor’s interest in that subject.

Once a visitor comes on your website, know about their conversion path. It starts with their visit and ends after they transform into a lead. However, if a visitor doesn’t get the desired objective, you can optimize the conversion path. It can be done by running A/B split test. Always test the major pieces of lead generation procedure:


Keep your CTA simple and use contrasting colors from your website.

Land pages

As per a HubSpot Survey, companies with more than 30 landing pages on their website generate seven times more leads than companies with five landing pages.

Thank you pages

Once the visitors submit their form, they reach a landing page saying thank you. Make sure you add a link for your new lead. It can include a download offer, social share button, or more.


After a visitor fills the form, a thank you email works as a kickback email! It generates great engagement rates, almost double. Kickback emails are perfect opportunities to encourage sharing on email and social channels.

Using experts’ lead gen optimization services, you can retain your leads.

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