Beneficial Tips for You to Protect Your Hardwood Floors While Moving


Mostly hardwood floors are the favourite part of people’s home being beautiful but are expensive at the same time. So, no one will like to damage the hardwood floor at any cost. Most probably, you may have encountered the problem of scratches left behind when you relocated; it’s a general problem that everyone faces. So, if you are now thinking about how to protect the hardwood floor when moving, you are absolutely at the right place!

Keep scrolling down to know about some beneficial tips to protect your hardwood floor from damage!

#1. Never Drag the Furniture, Always Move by Lifting

Always lift the furniture and then move it, never drag. Even sliding a lighter object on the floor may lead to scratches on it. Lift the furniture only with your arms, not with your back.

#2. You May Use Furniture Sliders to Move Heavy Items

Floor sliders are designed to adhere to the bottom or fix on the legs of your furniture. They are readily available in furniture/hardware stores. This gliding facility will urge you to thank the furniture sliders!

But wait, if you don’t have sliders at your home this time, you may also use socks alternatively.

#3. You May Take Help from Ram Board

Another option that can help you out in moving items on hardwood floors is ram board. You may find this a little bit costly, but the safety it provides to your bed is incomparable with its high prices. You can use it over and over as it is a contractor-grade commodity. It is crucial to use ram board to keep your hardwood floor safe from scratches.

#4. Use Runners and Rugs

You can also use runners and rugs on your hardwood floor to create a walkway from the entrance to where you want to get into your house. These products are ideal for saving your hardwood floor from your shoes or any item you need to drag our set down.

 #5. Take Advantage of Red Rosin Paper

The red rosin paper is one of the best things to avoid any scratches on your hardwood floors. Red rosin paper is made of 100% recycled paper and helps in siding and flooring purposes. These are tear and moisture-resistant and forms a protective layer on the floor.

#6. Consider to Hire Professional Movers  that are Fully Equipped

If you are running out of time and don’t have enough things at your home that we discussed early to move items and find moving by yourself complex, you may take the assistance of professional and trained movers to relocate your things. The skilled movers are fully equipped and can help you in the best way to keep your hardwood floor safe. The items they used for this purpose include rubber wheel dolly’s, smooth-faced masonite, non-slip rubber-soled shoes, painters drop cloth, etc.


You could take all these preventive measures if you were curious to know how to protect the hardwood floor when moving. However, it is highly suggested to double-check each detail before relocating. The most convenient way is to hire professionals for your expensive moving items; get a quote today, and good luck!

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