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In recent times, people are choosing various online courses to build up their knowledge and skills. Numerous management staff from various universities are also providing several courses on various platforms for today’s generation.

A student must know what they have to choose at a certain point and how it would help them in their future before choosing a specific stream or course. Career planning must always play a role in the person’s mind during all the years of education. But, what are the online courses available in Australia, what are the qualifications required to study online courses in Australia and what are their benefits?

Read the complete article and get the best information about these university courses.

Australia is one of the best places to live, famous for its natural wonders. It has many tourist spots and popular holiday spots to explore. On the other hand, it is also the best country for foreign studies and online courses. The country offers the best professional education to students worldwide, both offline and online.

The country offers two different intakes in terms of admission, unlike many other countries. Students can opt for two different groups and pick one group for the first semester and the other one for the second semester. These sessions have the scope for both online and offline study.


  • Online courses are convenient and people from any corner of the world can opt and choose for any course they are interested in and get a certificate with a single click.
  • Online courses have high flexibility compared to offline courses.
  • Online courses offer more detailed attention to the students by looking out for their needs and comprehension.
  • These courses connect people to global learning and help them grasp new things every day.



The first and foremost course offered in every university of Australia is accounting and bookkeeping. They provide various categories under this course and help the student grasp the maximum knowledge in the stream. Students can acquire knowledge in many financing fields like bookkeeping applications, certificates in accounts, admin and payroll, introduction and intermediate in QuickBooks of different years, budgets and managing money, accounting skills for new supervisors etc.


Art and Design are the next best and top courses offered in the country. The stream includes all the studies related to arts like game development, photoshop, fashion designing and dressmaking, digital scrapbooking, InDesign CS6, Java script, interior designing etc. People from various countries take part in this online course system every year and experience the best teachings from the best professors.


This course is for those students who want to pursue tourism studies in their career. It includes different streams and, the management of Australian university provide several courses under this category like cabin crew course, Amadeus expert, Apollo core, Sabre-hotel reservation, Galileo expert packages etc.


This course is for the students who want to have high scope in the stream of wildlife and environment. The professors in this category provide the best knowledge about wildlife, livelihood and nature development. The categories under this course are Advanced Permaculture, Aquaculture, Botany Introductory, Environmental Management, a Certificate in Horticulture etc.


Microsoft is the utmost software course offered by many of the universities in the country and this stream needs a few certificates and qualifications to study online courses in Australia. The stream offers various courses like Excel 2013 advanced essentials, Advanced Microsoft Excel 2010, Infopath designer core essentials etc.


Photography is the most popular course observed in every university these days. On the other hand, most youths are also opting for photography courses and lessons these days. The universities offer photography courses like Digital Photography, Discover Digital photography, Graphic Designing, Hobby Photography, Landscape Photography etc.

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