All You Need To Know About Building Permit


Whether you’re building a new deck or renovating an existing one, you’ll want to ensure that all safety precautions and rules are followed. Construction permits Toronto ensure that the project is safe for you and your family while safeguarding the community’s interests.

The construction permits Mississauga Code regulates different parts of the building. A building permit is required in the City of Toronto for any addition or material alteration to any building or structure. A few projects, on the other hand, do not require a building permit. So, you need to know about whether you need a building permit or not, when do you need this and all the details about building permit.

When Do I need Building Permit?

When is it necessary to obtain a building permit for residential construction?

  • Build/demolish a new home or an expansion to an existing home Construct or destroy a garage, whether attached or standalone Construct a deck with a surface area of at least 10m2 (107.64 ft2) and any decks connected to the home that is at least 600mm (2 ft) above the neighbouring grade.
  • Build a porch or a balcony. Construct a walkout basement Build/demolish a detached ancillary structure with a surface area of more than 10m2 (107.64 ft2)

Construct a sunroom, either heated or unheated Tents larger than 60m2 (645.85 ft2), or all tents within 3.0 m (9.8 ft) of a building must be constructed. • Combine roofing and structural work (e.g., new dormers, skylights) Create a new door and window openings or enhance the size of existing ones.

  • Excavate a basement to enhance headroom and underpin foundation walls. Load-bearing walls and other structural components should be installed, changed, removed, or repaired.

Documents Required:

  • Footing details (footing size, spacing, depth, height above grade, and frost protection features) • Column and beam sizes and positions • Stair construction details (stair tread height and depth, and headroom above steps)
  • Guard Construction Details (details on apertures and climbing ability, as well as the location of the guards about the planned platform’s stairways, landings, and edges).

A Site Plan Must Contain The Following Information:

  • Property lines, lots, rights-of-way, and easements (referenced to a current survey)
  • Location existing/proposed structures, including overall dimensions and setbacks from property lines and adjacent structures.
  • A summary of authorised and proposed zoning provisions, including lot area, gross floor area (GFA), coverage, and grade elevations for height confirmation.

What are the benefits of submitting a comprehensive application for construction permits Mississauga? Your application will be handled faster if you submit a wide application and it is accepted. The Ontario Building Code specifies that a complete application must be considered within the processing timeframes. Incomplete applications are not subject to the Ontario Building Code’s processing times.

With the help of experts, getting Construction permits Toronto becomes really easy. Starting the construction without proper permits can put the individuals and the company under trouble, which can be very hazardous. Hence, it is always a better idea to get the permit at the right time without any delay, to have a stress-free construction process indeed.


The property owner’s responsibility is to ensure that a construction permits Toronto is closed after the project is completed. After the final inspection, phone the Toronto Building Permit to confirm that your passport is closed.

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