5 Tips for Handling a Construction Site with Asbestos Exposure


The usage of asbestos in construction was prominent in Australia in the 1990s. Cities like Sydney require lots of this mineral for various construction works. People used asbestos for making different building parts like roofs, walls, floors, etc. Later, when the government realised the harmful health issues caused by this mineral, a total ban was issued (in 2003). Now, even after so many years, people are searching for professionals for asbestos removal in Sydney.

Removing this mineral in construction sites is more challenging than removing it from households. But, you must remove this mineral and materials exposed to this mineral as soon as you discover it. Also, being closer to this mineral can cause minor health issues; hence, always call professionals with enough experience with these kinds of works.

What are the risks of asbestos exposure?

Asbestos itself is not hazardous, i.e., it is not dangerous to stand near it for a few minutes. It becomes dangerous when its fibres detach from it and mix with air particles. This form is also known as “friable,” It poses a high risk if it enters one’s respiratory system. This particle can cause conditions like cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma. Friable asbestos was a common material in industries across the country. And because of that, loose-fill asbestos is found in residential properties in New South Wales.

In the case of construction sites, the people exposed to this mineral are excavators, painters, building inspectors, workers handling floor jobs, sawyers, tile settlers, building managers, contractors, etc. These people are at a high risk of having the diseases mentioned above in the article. To avoid all these issues, one must consult professionals who specialise in asbestos removal in Sydney.

What are the ways of minimising the risk due to this mineral?

Prepare a management plan to remove this harmful mineral after considering the Safe Work Australia guidelines. You need to consider the location of the mineral and materials exposed to it, include control measures, outline procedures for emergencies, and maintain up-to-date information on asbestos-related guidelines.

Let the workers know about the harmful effects of this mineral and explain the safety guidelines to prevent more exposure during working hours. Monitor their health throughout the project.

Make it mandatory for everyone to wear protective equipment, like self contained breathing apparatus, when working on the removal of these minerals.

Only call licensed professionals for the removal of these harmful minerals. Amateurs and wrong people who claim to know about the removal procedure may also be affected and expose others to this mineral.

As per Safe Work Australia rules, you must call only licensed professionals if you need to remove more than 10 square meters of non-friable asbestos.

What are the services provided by licensed professionals?

Experienced professionals can provide you with two kinds of services: Friable and on-friable removal services. The former one is of high risk, and the latter one is of moderate risk, and that’s why a Class A licensed professional will handle both types of works, but a Class B will only remove non-friable-related works.

The Class A licensed professional will provide the following services.

  • They will work on low-density board ceiling linings and board walls, and roof insulation.
  • Asbestos roof and wall sheeting (in case of fire damage)
  • Fixing the contaminated soils, dust, and debris.

A Class B professional will offer the following services.

  • Asbestos fencing work
  • Application of asbestos packing sheets in electric distribution boards.
  • vinyl floor tiling work
  • They remove harmful minerals found in water pipes, downpipes, and gutters.

Exposure is a serious issue, and you must protect yourself and your workers on construction sites. Therefore, ensure you avail of the service of well-experienced and licensed professionals only.

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