Having those lingering questions regarding the paternity of a child can be unsettling! You don’t have to visit a hospital to get a paternity test. You can eliminate those doubts by doing a home paternity test in the privacy and comfort of your home. What’s more- you are sure to get a 99.99% relatedness if indeed you are the biological father, so no chances for doubt!

What Is a Paternity Test?

A paternity test analyzes a probable father’s DNA sample against the child’s DNA, whether a child or an adult. To confirm paternity, the DNA comparisons from the alleged father should match that of the child with 99.99% accuracy.

To understand the duration of time it will take to get results after a home paternity test, let’s look at the process of doing the test, should you want to consider doing it.

1)Order Your Paternity Testing Kit

Getting your home DNA testing kit is simple! You will need to contact a trusted online stocker of the kits. You will then be required to fill out an online form with your details; for each participant, you will provide basic details about them. Find out more info about the paternity test kit.

Key information to include are participants’ full names, ages, and addresses for delivery. The kits should have instructions and procedures to adhere to in the collection of the sample. Should you need any more information, have questions, or clarification to seek, you can contact the number provided by the supplier on the website.

2) Collect DNA Samples from Participants

To have a DNA sample for testing, you shall provide 2 mouth swabs for all the participants. When collecting the sample, rub the cotton part of the swab on either side of the cheek about 20 times. To get the second sample, use the unused end of the swab and repeat the same process on the opposite cheek.

3) Leave The Samples to Air Dry

You don’t want to contaminate the samples! Therefore, before putting your samples back into the envelope, leave them to air dry or flick them in the air in quick succession for approximately 15 seconds- this will prevent mold growth.  When handling the samples, be careful not to touch the end of the swab to avoid tampering and contaminating the DNA sample.

4) Seal The Samples and Mail Them for Analysis

When you’re positive that the samples are dry, please place them in the envelope with labels and seal it with its flap-you don’t want to lose your sample.

5) Receive Your Results

Any uncertainty regarding the paternity of a child can be uncomfortable but don’t worry- your results should not be a concern. You will get them within 3-5 days. However, special relationship DNA results can take a few days longer as analysis time will take longer.

 Are You Ready for A Home Paternity Test?

Home paternity testing is convenient and efficient. The process is straightforward and involves ordering the paternity testing kit online, collecting the samples from the participants, air-drying the samples, mailing the samples, and finally receiving your results.


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