Law is one of the elite courses and is considered a highly regarded qualification. Every year, thousands of candidates get post-graduated in Law. Some have their graduation done from government colleges, while others are from private colleges.

The one question that most Law post-graduates have in their minds is what career option to go for. Well, there are many career opportunities in both government and private sectors for Law graduates, but people still get confused deciding the most suitable career option for them.

There are plenty of career options for a person with a Master’s in Law degree, and in this article, I’ve given the details of 5 of them.

5 career options of Master’s in Law that you can pursue-


Advocacy is one of the prestigious careers in India, and thousands of candidates go for it after LLM. Advocacy is all about using your law knowledge and skills to help others, and its demand is very high not only in India but in the whole world.

There’s a huge responsibility on the shoulder of an advocate when he/she takes a case to fight. They require to work very closely with clients and staff members to become a successful advocate. The pay for an advocate varies according to their skills and experience, so it can’t be determined how much an advocate earns in a month.


Judiciary is one of the highest posts in India, and it’s another excellent career option for candidates with an LLM degree. The Public Service Commission conducts a judicial examination that judiciary aspirants must pass.

The judiciary is the dream job of most law aspirants because this job comes with a great salary, social prestige, and other benefits. Getting this job is also not easy because 50000-60000 candidates go for this entrance exam, out of which only a few of them get selected. If you’re an LLM graduate, you must write the judicial exam at least once.


Teaching is a great career opportunity for candidates with impressive academic abilities. The only thing required in this career option is a good explaining skill because that’s how you teach someone effectively.

With an LLM degree, you can become a freelance teacher and start teaching online or offline and make a good income out of it. Another way is applying for a lecturer or teacher in a recognised Law university/college and becoming a full-time educator. That way, you won’t only make a good income, but also become experienced and more skilled in teaching which will help you get a better paying job in future.

Legal Analyst

The legal analyst is a good-paying job and has a higher demand in the private sector. The job of a legal analyst is to do legal research, assemble essential documents, assemble evidence, maintain a database of the company/system, assess and organise file documents for the legal team. The skills required for this job are research skills, critical thinking, time management, organisation skills, and the ability to pay attention to details.

The average salary of a legal analyst in India is 43000 per month. It’s a desk job that is the best for the LLM graduates looking for a comfortable job. The candidate also requires to own a license to practice law.

Legal Advisor

If you are interested in making a career in the corporate sector and the field of Law, then legal advisory is what you should head for. Many private sector companies need a person who can advise them about legal matters, and no one can do this job better than a legal advisor. On the other hand, the big companies need an entire team of legal counsellors to advise them to do everything following the Law.

Talking about the salary, the average salary of a legal advisor is 25000 per month. To be a good legal advisor, one must have skills such as communications skills, research skills, people skills, problem-solving ability, and commercial awareness.


So this was about the top 5 career options of Master in Law, and if you’ve completed your LLM and want a secure future, you can go for any of these careers according to your preference.

These careers are high in demand, and a few of them also come in the category of top paying jobs. As you get more experienced in any of these careers, you get paid a better salary along with some other benefits.


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