If you are looking to spoil someone dear to your heart and want to give them a jewel, then you must follow this guide to avoid making mistakes. Indeed, the choice of a jewel is really important, and nothing should be left to chance. We are going to give you some tips for finding the ideal women’s jewel , the one that will capsize the heart of the lucky woman. Let’s go !

Face shape for earrings

First, you must carefully study the shape of the face of the person who will wear the jewel, especially if it is earrings . The shape of the earrings should be the opposite of the shape of the face. Thus, a square face will prefer round curls while graphic curls will be more suitable for round faces. A rather triangular face will be ideal for wearing drop-shaped curls, or even hoops that will soften it. Finally, an elongated face will be highlighted with non-dangling curls like pearls or chips.  

The bust size for a necklace

If you prefer to opt for a necklace, then you must take into account the size of the bust of the one who will wear it. Indeed, if the neckline is large and deep, a long necklace will be ideal. On the other hand, a woman with a small bust will be more highlighted with a choker necklace. If you opt for cheap and fancy Wholesale Jewelry, you can absolutely buy several lengths of necklaces: it will then be possible to play on the layering to give an ultra trendy effect!

Wrist size for a bracelet

For a bracelet, it’s a bit trickier. Indeed, not all women like to wear them. You have to know the size of the wrist and thus define the style of jewelry that will please him. Women with narrow ties will often be more comfortable with adjustable bracelets. Bangles will not necessarily be suitable, especially if they are not adjustable because they are often far too wide. The choice of a bracelet is thus delicate, contrary to popular belief!

Ring size

Finally, here is undoubtedly the most difficult jewel to choose  : the ring. Indeed, a ring must be perfectly adjusted, and it is therefore necessary to know the size of the finger of the one who will wear it. Above all, do not risk choosing at random, or make sure you can change the ring if the size does not suit. In any case, choosing a ring can be tricky, and it is sometimes better to choose it directly with the one you want to spoil!

If you have doubts about the jewel to offer, know that the necklace or the chain with pendant is undoubtedly the simplest. Nothing also prevents you from planning a shopping trip with the person concerned so that they can give their opinion, or quite simply from doing some scouting in online jewelry stores that offer many quality jewelry at low prices!

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